Gordon Gee Slips Up Again

By Jason Priestas on January 11, 2012 at 2:38p

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I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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Welcome to another edition of #ShitGordonSays

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I'm picturing him with his bowtie spinning.

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...ah the truth.  Its a bitch.


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I don't get what Gee was even trying to say, or why it was offensive to the Polish army.

Anyone explain?  I apologize for having to have his (insensitive) remarks spelled out, but I like understanding why I'm supposed to be outraged.

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You must be a young one.  References to the Polish Army were common place a some years ago - 50's through the 80's(?).  It was because the Polish Army was believed to be an example of disorganization and chaos before, during, and after WWII as invading armies faced little resistance when they rolled over Poland.  So, referring to the "Polish Army" was a figure of speech used to express a chaotic situation.  Over time, it became politically incorrect to use any terms that were directed at races or any national group.  Hence, the uproar about it's use now.  Couple that with his statements about Sister's of the Poor, and there you have it.  Terms that are or have been used by the general population to convey general understandings are not supposed to be used by individuals in any position of authority if they want to be politically correct. 

I have Polish ancestry, and it does not bother me one bit. 

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I don't believe history is taught in our public schools anymore. And if it is, it is revisionist history.

The Polish Army fought valiantly against the Nazis. They were just outnumbered and had inferior technology. But then again, the German Panzers were the envy of the world at the time. The American Sherman Tank was primitive compared to a Panzer.

It would be similar to the United States invading Mexico.  



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OK? I fail to see what the problem is here. I'm not going to feign outrage over something that he said, which in fact was actually funny.

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I think it's because most Polish jokes reference them being dumb.  According to Google, it's because when the Polish came here as immigrants they usually couldn't read or write.

I'm glad they brought perogies though.

Please, correct me if I'm wrong but that was my take on it.

EDIT: I should have hit reply to Riggins.  My bad.

We should strive to keep thy name, of fair repute and spotless fame...

(Also, I'm not a dude)

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You're right. At least that's how I interpreted it. I think that it is hilarious. People shouldn't be so insensitive.

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It's one thing if it's Louis C.K.  Quite another if it's the highest paid public university president in America.

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So university presidents aren't allowed to say anything that might be slightly comical? That's ridiculous. There's a reason he's one of the BEST presidents in the nation, and that's because he's a light-hearted comical guy, who develops very personal relationships with his student body. If you're offended by this, I'd recommend that you grow up, or go back out and play in the ball pit until you can learn to not be so easily offended.

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First of all, "grown-ups" understand that there is a standard of professionalism expected of their dignitaries, and that making racial digs is pretty much never appropriate.  Whether you find his comments funny or not, offensive or not, is actually irrelevant to the discussion.  Had he said something like, "Trying to keep organize 18 different Ohio State divisions is like organizing the Keystone Kops," that would make the same point, right?

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Pretty sure that Gee is considered professional by his colleagues. If you consider Gee's comments to be so unbecoming of him, then you must consider many of Reagan's, Churchill's, Harding's, or even FDR's (closet anti-semite) comments that they made throughout their terms to be entirely unbecoming? Gee was telling a joke. Yes that's right, a joke. Which is meant to be comical, and the comment that he made was entirely comical. You're reading way too much into his comment.

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Thanks, Artbkward, for explaining.  I guess I had never heard the "Poles are stupid" stereotype.  Insinuating that the whole Polish army is stupid is pretty inappropriate.  I'm sure we've all said something inappropriate before though. It happens.

He just shouldn't have generalized.  If I say "Kanye West is an idiot", that's not racism against black people.  I'm just saying I think Kanye himself is really, really, really stupid...And likes fishsticks.

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No biggie. EGG is a witty dude. Chillax, and quit being so pc all of the time, would be my response to all of the Negative Nellies out there.

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Take that back! How can you not be outraged over such a comment? The Polish communities of Ohio are absolutely so outraged by this statement! /sarcasm  

In all seriousness, lighten up folks!

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Its ironic that you tell anyone to lighten up. Everytime somebody disagrees with you act with such disdain towards said person. Disagreement among this board does not have to be so serious!

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Haha very funny. I get tired of everyone and everything having to be so politically correct. I believe that I have lashed out against several posts before, especially concerning Gee, and that's because I have very strong opinions about that issue. I just cannot believe that anyone is going to be so outraged over his comment...

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No one is outraged.  They probably won't be.  That doesn't make it any less boneheaded to say what he said.

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It is "ok" to stereotype Polish people, or Irish people, etc., but don't dare stereotype black or brown skinned peoples. I'm sure eventually Gee will stay consistant and offend someone from some minority group, and then it will be on the front page of the USA Today. Mark my words. This guy puts his foot in his mouth more than Joe Biden.  



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He's not witty. He's a geek, and he's a dipshit, IMHO. It's only a matter of time until the man uses an offensive black or Hispanic stereotype.



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One of the best university presidents in the country is a dipshit? I'm not even going to say anything...

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A 'geek' is exactly the kind of person you want in charge of a university. You know - where people go to continue to learn.

A dipshit? False.

He's intelligent enough to know the bounds of what comments he can make. There is no fucking way he says statements offensive to the black or Hispanic communities.


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"No, are you kidding?" Gee said at a news conference. "Let me be very clear. I'm just hoping the coach doesn't dismiss me."

I'm absolutely shocked that they brought this quote back up. I knew when he said it they'd(the media) throw a hissy fit, but we all got what he meant.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Having been on a couple of the official bowl trips and listened to him address the official party, this is just how he is.  He is a pretty smart dude and very well read, so his witicisms are often biting and arcane.  Maybe there are times he should save his off color remarks for friendlier audiences, but if you ever have met him you know that he is the best in the business and we should be proud to have him.

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Gee just seems to have that personality where he might say some silly shit every now and then, but overall, he's a good guy.  Him and I would probably get along very well.  Of course, I'm wiser about who I make off-color comments around.

Class of 2010.

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I was reamed a few weeks ago for stating that Gee should resign along with Gene Smith.

I stand by my previous statement. The man is an embarrassment.

I am a Polish-American, and I am not offended by his statement. I think it just shows how out of touch this man is(Much like many of our politicians), and really is not as "smart" as my of you seem to think he is. There has to be somebody out there that can represent tOSU better than this man.  

Imagine the outrage had he said this about the Mexican Army or some Army in Africa.



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You were rightly criticized for your statement that he should resign. 

Maybe we should just hire some stupid Everyman to run the university, rather than a well-read intellectual with a sense of humor. Everymen are never out of touch.


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That is your opinion Denny. From outside the Columbus/OSU bubble, the guy looks like the General/President Charles Andre Joseph Marie de Gaulle of the WWII French Army. You know, the country that gave up without a fight, and then "slept with" the Nazis?



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Maybe he's Polish, too...

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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No. Gee is well respected throughout the academic community, I don't entirely understand your correllation of him and de Gaulle. Secondly, it depends on what Frenchmen that you're thinking of that gave up without a fight, and "slept with the Nazis." That would be Vichy France that was pro-German, not the de Gaulle led Free French Forces. 

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Gonna be pretty best to fly into Gee Columbus Airport.


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E Gordon Gee is a good egg. (See what I did there?)  He is well respected nationally and loved on campus.  As long as he wants the presidents job at tOSU it is his in my mind.  He does need to fire Gene Smith, but other than that he is doing a bang up job.  Ohio State is moving up in the world academically, unlike AACC.

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best comment

This guy has more ridiculous quibs than Rex Ryan has fat

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I laughed at that one for a few minutes myself

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Man.. you guys will hate on anything.

Gee's job is to raise money for tOSU.  He does a VERY good job.  Money makes it easier for us to pay people like Urban Meyer to win National Championships and dethrone the SEC.  As long as the benjamins are rolling in, Gee can make whatever weird quips he wants.

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I get a chuckle out of Gee and his comments, even the one about hoping Tressel didn't fire him.  The Polish Army comment and little sisters of the poor deal are both being blown out of proportion in terms of them being offensive.  What I wll say though, is that making comments like that definitely chip away at his image and the ability for others to take him seriously.  You want your leaders to be out there always saying the right thing, always putting out a vibe that you have it together.  You want people to walk away talking about speeches you give or press conferences that are held, you just don't want them walking away saying can you believe this guy is running that school?  He's done great things for the university to be sure, and is a tremendous president, however when he says dumb shit all the time, the public doesn't understand that.

I can't imagine too many people really are offended by these comments, but they do comprimise his image.  I don't think his comments are meant to be offensive to any people in particular.  They aren't racist or mean jabs made intentionally like dropping the N word would be.  They just aren't professional.  I would say referring to the polish army is more in line with saying sorry I'm late I had to take dump.