David Perkins Will Announce Tomorrow

By Alex on January 17, 2012 at 11:26p

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OhioKris's picture

i really don't see what the waiting is for, is he really gonna to pick CAL or ILL over OSU? 

I highly doubt it. 

millertime2011's picture

gotta be OSU considering he hasn't even taken officials to the other two.

VestedInterest's picture

Somebody is hearing that ship's about to sail lol

rampageripster's picture

This tells me one of two things...

1) UFM told him that he has a commtiable offer and if he wants on the ship he has to commit NOW.


2) UFM believes that two of the other LBers that they have (maybe) rated above him are more likely (we are getting Williams so it is between Marcus and Santos) and told him that he is better off sealing up his place somewhere else

I believe it is #1 as there have been rumors about issues with Marcus' grades, so I expect him to end up at ECU or prep school.

It seems that UFM is starting to apply the pressure on the tweeners.  I expect full court press on Williams and Reeves on their visit to commit on the spot (which I think will happen for Williams, bamybe for Reeves) and then wait on Neal/Dodson for the "last" spot in the class

Cause I couldn't go for three