Clarke Salty About How He Was Let Go

By Jason Priestas on January 17, 2012 at 10:07a

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Not sure I feel sorry for him, though.  He should have followed team rules.

I do hope he's able to get his life straight and lands on his feet in some other program.

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I'm not going to read too much into the 140 character or less rants of a kid who has screwed up royally over the last half year and is now angry about the consequences. We really have no idea how this was handled. And the, "Tress would have done you better" is hilarious considering how that line of thinking shaped the last year.

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So his word means nothing because he's made a few mistakes? What he's saying is Tressel would have actually talked to him.

I get the whole "now the Urb is the head coach he can do no wrong", but if they just dropped himm without a face to face meeting that's wron.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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I'm saying that his statements are pretty general and people are wildly speculating over how this all went down and the only information we have is from the person who's best interests it would be in to skew things in a negative light.

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I seriously doubt he was dropped without a face to face meeting. I'm betting Fickell or a coach closer to Clarke, who actually knows him, sit him down and talk. Urban told these guys, face to face, what the rules are and Clarke broke them.

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Urban's the CEO... CEOs delegate tasks. Urban had a 7AM meeting with the whole team, in person, where he laid down the law. Clarke proceeds to immediately disregard the law that was laid down.  I'm sure Urban made it clear as crystal in that meeting the type of conduct that was expected of this team and have no sympathy for Clarke in this case.

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Took the words right out of my mouth.

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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So, you were at this meeting and know exactly what it is that Meyer said? You know exactly where he drew the line during this meeting? You know for a fact that he even drew a line?

Lots of assumptions built in here... "I'm sure..." is a dead give away that you are guessing.

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I don't get posts like yours at all....


The 7 AM meeting I referenced was for the players to meet the new staff; further, at that meeting, Meyer DID go over the basic team rules and emphasize that a high standard of conduct was to be preserved at all times moving forward. (The Twitter ban story that leaked was bogus, but conduct of the players was 100% discussed at that meeting- the law was "laid down" as I orginally posted) GIVEN CONNECTIONS THAT MY FAMILY HAS TO CERTAIN PLAYERS ON THE TEAM WHO WERE PRESENT AT THAT MEETING, I CAN STATE FOR A FACT THAT A "LINE WAS DRAWN" AT THAT MEETING. 

Dwarf, Your attempt to be an asshole is not beneficial to this board.  That's not guesswork. I never said I was at the meeting nor did I claim to post "exactly what it is that Meyer said", nor did I express knowledge of "exactly where he drew the line during this meeting"- I simply gave my educated opinion on what occured given the information at my disposal- your attempts to call me on that is representative of the conduct of an asshole. In your effort to be cute, you stated, ""I'm sure..." is a dead give away that you are guessing."-- It's really a shame that you would take issue with people posting an educated guess or opinion on a blog..  I would ask that in the future, prior to submitting your posts, you would ask yourself "Would an asshole post this?" and if the answer is "Yes", please do not press the "Save" button and save us from having to read your shit.



If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

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You've got to be kidding me.

First, you're the one lobbing ad hominem attacks, not me, which is certainly not "beneficial" to this board.

Second, you wrote a whole lot but, after all that, the actual answer to each of my questions turned out to be, "No."

Your original statement purported to be fact, yet it's clear that it's based on what you've heard, not what you know. From that, you've assumed and guessed to form your (less than "educated") opinion. Clarke may have gotten what he deserved (I believe he did not), but it'd be nice if people based their opinions on facts, not assumptions.

Lastly, based on this and our last conversation, it's clear that you could stand to heed your own advice, lest you act like an asshole yourself.

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You sound like the asshole here. Calm down.

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Don't make the same mistake I did... Even slightly questioning Urban's possible imperfection is blashphemy on here. I was told I was part of some sort of lunatic fringe or something for thinking maybe EVERYTHING Urban does does not have to be an act of God.

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Maybe i'm reading into this too much but, perhaps the tress talk is to purposely draw neg attention to a sneaky parting shot or an underhanded jab to try to discourage incoming guys.  Seems pretty juvenile anyway you slice it. 

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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What's wrong is acting up like you have a substitute teacher and expecting special treatment. Given the current state of affairs at Ohio State it doesn't require being a Rhoades Scholar to understand you shouldn't be giving cause for punishment.

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I'm sure someone told him. It's not like they put a pink slip in his locker.

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Exactly, we have a guy who is pissed off because he was told to take a hike after having 2 run ins with the law.  One for shooting a BB gun from his dorm balcony which may not seem like a big deal until someone gets hit and hurt and the other for a DUI.  I'm not concerned with how much alcohol was in his system because it doesn't matter.  He did something that could and did get him in trouble with the law 2 times in less than a year.  That's 2 more times than I have been in trouble with the law in 30 years. 

Granted, I would like to have heard that Urban met with him and let him go face to face, but at the same time I don't care.  Don't do stupid shit and it won't matter anyway. 

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We're under probation, so I'd imagine the staff needs to make sure we keep the program as clean as possible for the next few years.  It's especially important for the kids to follow team and NCAA rules right now...

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The "BB Gun off the porch" incident shouldn't even be considered here. The amount of "hurt" possible from that is less than dropping your beer off the balcony.

The DUI is serious stuff, though.

I'm willing to believe Urban didn't tell him face to face, but had one of the other staff members do it. He doesn't know these guys, he has no attachment to them. I think he should have told him in person, but I don't have a problem with kicking anyone off of the team for DUI.

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BT, we are in agreement.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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I'm all for second chances especially if you are an 18-21 yo kid but Dom was already in trouble with the law for shooting the BB gun so the OWI was the second strike. Playing DI college football and being on scholarship is a privilege not a right and you need to behave accodingly if you are going to represent a university. Glad to see Urban is running a tight ship.

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Of course it's sour grapes.  The kid is understably emotional.  Hopefully some maturation and time will give him some perspective to take more responsibility for his actions.

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Someone mentioned this above as well, but I feel like if I was in D.C.'s position, I would rather hear news like this from someone I knew well  (in his case, Coach Fickell or Taver Johnson if he was still around when all of this went down) than from someone I hardly knew (in his case, Coach Meyer).  So I can kind of see why (assuming D.C.'s telling the truth, which is certainly questionable) Coach Meyer wasn't the one to inform him that he was no longer a part of the team, not because Coach Meyer was scared to or didn't want to tell him, but because he was looking out for D.C.'s best interest and he believed D.C. would take the news better hearing it from someone he is familiar with and very comfortable around.

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This one of those "It's not that you fired me, it's the WAY that you fired me" No, it's that you were fired.