A Ratings Flop

By Jason Priestas on January 10, 2012 at 12:47p

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Certainly a lot of factors in play.  I personally chose not to watch in a bit of a protest.

vacuuming sucks

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Excellent. Just what I hoped for. Horrible ratings.  Outside of the deep south, I bet very few people cared, unless one is a CFB fanatic.

I'm sure it won't change a darn thing.



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Good. I didn't watch as a protest. First BCS championship or bowl game involving the #1 team that I've not watched since 1980. 

ANybody other than ESPN knew this thing would be a ratings turkey. 

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I didn't watch a single BCS bowl.  This game was a factor, but the undeserving scUM squad getting a BCS game made me boycott the whole damn thing, instead of just not watching the announcers blow the SEC for 3.5 hours last night.

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Knowing that i contributed those ratings by not watching the game kinda makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside! :)

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Wasn't it on ABC last year?

No Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida or USC. But yeah, it's shocking the BCS ratings are down.

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Last year it was on ESPN (for the first time). Much better ratings last year.

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I don't think it was, but even if it was, it doesn't matter. When you are watching sports on ABC, you are watching an ESPN broadcast.

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True, but more people have access to ABC than ESPiN.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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It feels good to be a part of something bigger than yourself, like not watching this BS game to set a new record low! Glad I participated last night.  OH and MEATCHICKEN still sucks!

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You are so right. It was not on in my home either. Feels good today.

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I would have watched if it had been fOSU and LSU.

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The NCAA & ESPN should be more concerned with the inevitable questions as to "why" the SEC keeps showing up in BCS National Championship games. 

Better teams?  Yes, but "why" are they better?  

Eventually the wheels of these oversigning football programs will fall off the SEC freight train and potentially challenge the integrity college football in general and the SEC in particular. 

Funny how senators, congressmen and athletic directors were upset with Ohio State appearing in past NC games, but when it comes to taking a scholarship away from a student-athlete for no reason (as is the case in the oversigning SEC http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oversigning) these same VIP's have no issue with it.

Maybe the SEC should stop calling them "student-athletes" and start referring to them as "athlete-students" as it's clear the collective futures of these young men are secondary.


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Are any major athletic programs really concerned about the kids' futures? C'mon, they all worry about one thing and one thing alone, money.  That's exactly why they go after "innocent kids" like Pryor or Moe C.  They know the risks in signing those players and many other high profile guys.  They know the guys are going to get theirs.

Do you think Thad Matta went after Greg Oden and Conley, because he wanted them to get an Ohio State education and become productive citizens off the court and great students?  NO way,  especially with Oden, he knew it was a 1 year deal, after that the kids would go on their way and good luck to them in the future.  Those guys brought wins, ratings, success, and donations! 

These kids aren't all Craig Krenzel or Doss, who used their time at Ohio State to get a great education.  Many of them are coming here or going to Bama as an end to a means.  They aren't interested in a degree program, they have tutors doing everything for them, and they are taking improper benefits all the time.  I remember reading a comment that got taken down that basically addressed the very topic.  It happens everywhere all the time.  It doesn't just start when they are in college though.  They have agents sorry mentors from the time they are freshman in high school.  You don't think they are getting loaded handshakes and gifts the whole time they are being recruited?  By the time they get into college they are old pros. 

It's a long winded way of saying the whole damn system is sleazy and just because one conference or teams in a certain conference have sleazier tactics doesn't mean everyone else isn't just as corrupt.

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You have no idea what you are talking about.

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Here's the thing though, ESPN pushed for the rematch they got the rematch, now they see the ratings.  It's worth the risk!  If ratings are good, then great their constant promotion worked, if  the ratings where poor, then the lead up to the game, the game itself, and all the commentary afterward work as promotion for next season and all the primetime and marquis type games that they'll be carrying involving the SEC next season.  Also, they know next year they need to maybe go a different direction with their promotion and push for a team like Ok State to get in.

Another question I would pose is would Oklahoma State or Stanfrod really drawn a significantly higher rating last night?  Sure, they are from other conferences and people may have tuned in to see an SEC team lose, but it wasn't like the other programs were Texas, Oklahoma, or USC which would've paired blue bloods against eachother and attracted huge ratings.  Maybe, the folks at ESPN realized, hey we don't have any ratings monsters as potential matchups here, let's pitch our support to a program we have a vested interest in.  Perhaps if there was a Texas, Ohio State, or Michigan sitting at 1 loss and witha shot to be in the title game, ESPN would've actually been pushing for one of those teams over Bama getting their shot.  Since they had no high profile program with giant fan bases, they opted to stick with their product.

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Can someone explain why they know if you watched or not? Thought it was Nielsen ratings and projected from there. You all that protested Nielsen families?

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Here's an explantion:

Nielsen has two main ways of collecting information from TV viewers. The first is through meters connected to TVs in the homes of people who are selected and agree to take part. The meters record minute-by-minute data on which programs and channels are being watched at any given time in the household, and by which members of that household. That information is relayed back to Nielsen each night via modem, compiled and sent to cable networks--as well as broadcast networks and affiliates--each morning for the overnight ratings. The meters also track which programs are recorded with DVRs and watched up to a week later. Nielsen has made a deal with Charter Communications to receive data directly from the cable box/DVRs, and is looking to do the same with other cable providers as well, though that can only track what is being watched and not who is watching. In addition, during the four "sweeps" months--November, February, May and July--Nielsen selects additional people to keep diaries of their TV viewing habits for one week. These diaries are mailed back and added into the ratings.

So apparently they use 2 methods to determine overnight ratings - one that involves the meters that require viewer permission and input, and the second is through actually monitoring shows via cable input.  The second method would tell you that the game was on, but could not determine who was watching it - thus the "household" viewing statistic. 

Since this was an all cable (or satellite) broadcast, the numbers reported are probably very accurate.  Nielsen is in the business to get it right - lot's of ad dollars depend on it. 

Hope that helps. 

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This is good news.  Ratings drive everything and perhaps we'll finally get some sort of tourney.  Besides having schools like LSU and 'Bama with small followings (states population together less than 10 Million) is not good for ratings, nor advertisers.  OSU-Miami in '02...that was like a 18!  

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Gotta keep the Buckeyes on TV.