Waiving the No Politics Rule for a Second

By Jason Priestas on December 17, 2011 at 1:20a

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Craig James for Senate (or whatever it is ... just so he's not covering college football anymore!)

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I hate to be "that guy" (though it seems to be my role) but I'm not sure how you can say that 11W is "100% apolitical" but address a political matter simply because it directly affects you.

SOPA, like all anti-freedom pieces of legislation, should certainly be opposed but I think it's a bit silly to pretend to be sitting on the sideline when, in reality, everyone (including 11W) has a stake in the results.

That said, this type of bill is one step on the long road to a government approved reality. Control information and you control everything. Just ask North Korea.


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Not to speak for Jason, but I think the site's aim is to be as divorced from politics as humanly possible. There are readers from both sides of the aisle and certainly writers for the site with very differing personal beliefs. It'd be naive to think that people's core values don't leak out through their writing, personalities, and interactions with different folks, but at the end of the day, it's not anything that has any place on a football/basketball/college sports site.

That being said, this is a pretty clear case of bi-partisan stupidity and one of the most frightening pieces of legislation in this country's modern history. It's pretty simple: if you want this site to exist in its current form, this needs to be defeated. The recess was unexpected and one of the best outcomes conceivable given the circumstances, but it's not enough.

Like Denny, I too am not represented in the Senate and my Congress person is a non-voting member. Write yours and do everything you can to make sure this heinous, myopic piece of taxpayer-funded thought police is given its proper fate and I'll do everything in my power to be your voice on foot in our nation's capital.

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I am completely uneducated on this SOPA bill. Can you help me understand how 11W would be affected buy its passing?

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Most of what you need to know: the people who drafted the legislation have already been hired away from their former Congressional staffer jobs and have become consultants for the entertainment industry's lobbying arms.


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But it's not as if 11W makes a practice of pimping unlicensed digital content, so how would 11W be affected?

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Because of vague legal language, it's conceivable that if someone posted in the forums or comments, say a link to a game torrent or an illegal third party feed of the Big Ten Network when Ohio State's playing on it, and this site was either reported by a fan of opposing teams, an employee of the organization having their rights infringed upon, or detected by some kind of third rate government filter, the site could then be shutdown, potentially permanently, without any sort of due process or giving site leadership the chance to remove the offending content. Imagine trying to get the latest updates on Urban Meyer's latest theft and instead seeing this:

It's a shame when people that know little to nothing about how the internet works attempt to regulate it no matter how noble (and given the lobbyist pressures from the entertainment industry, I'm doubting it's truly all that virtuous) their aims.

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Listen, this is certainly the most important post on this site, at the moment. 

If SOPA (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stop_Online_Piracy_Act) passes, it "would imbue the federal government with broad powers to shut down whole web domains on the basis that it believes them to be associated with piracy -- without a trial or even a traditional hearing."

That means somebody could pull the plug on www.elevenwarriors.com - WITHOUT - due process. 

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I wrote my senators and house rep the other day.  I urge everyone to do the same.  Like Roger said, this could be a turning point for the worse for the enitre counrty.  1984, anyone?

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Even if you're not sure if you want to call your Senators and Rep about this, do it for me. I don't have representation in DC.

This is a horribly-written bill and nobody voting on it has a fucking clue what they're even looking at.


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You guys just figuring out that all our politicians care about is who fills their coffers?  There's a lot of money being fed to all of them from the entertainment industry so they will do as these people tell them to do.

Still, the paranoia is a little over the top.  Chances of them shutting down a site like 11W are nil.

This is for sharing/swapping sites and the like that skirt current laws.  Most likely, government already knows what these are, but they don't have the power to much about them.

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Why even make that chance a possibility? There are better means to counter act piracy and this is a ludicrous stab at doing so.

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The worry has zero to do with 11W getting shut down and everything to do with censorship with impunity. Once one arbitrary line is crossed, the next line will be. This bill isn't about swapping sites - it may be on the surface, but it goes much, much deeper than that.


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The intent of the link, as I saw it, wasn't that we couldn't talk football or make Craig James jokes after SOPA, but that this bill can make criminals out of law abiding people. Open the door to unrestrained power; see how much is used for its original intent.

Thanks for posting this, 11W.

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This legislation is blatantly un-American and I have previously written to my representatives/signed petitions in an effort to oppose this bill as strongly as possible. Kudos to Jason for raising awareness on a very important issue. 

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It's not like this kind of thing would ever pass. Oh, wait, forgot about the Patriot Act...



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SOPA is pretty much the RIAA and the MPAA gettinng the federal government to do what they wish they could on their own. it's corporate influence on congress at it's absolute worst

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lamar smith has introduced some changes to the bill, that if approved, would largely exempt sites like 11W from this legislation: http://judiciary.house.gov/issues/Rouge%20Websites/Summary%20Manager%27s%20Amendment.pdf


but that isn't really even the issue; we're talking about a wholesale change to the way people access and use the internet. for a country that is generally a very strong proponent of the freedom of written speech, this would be a huge betrayal of that idea

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Pardon my ignorance, but could they shut down both $ and free sites, or free only?

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Trying not to show my card, but aren't people getting fed up with government involvement in our daily lives? The less government the better, and this goes for whether you have a (D) or an (R) next to your name. It seems each administration gets progressively worse in this regard. IMO, the government(administration) doesn't want people to be able to organize. Look what that organization(thanks to the internets) has done to the Middle East governments.




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With all due respect, and in deference to those more educated than I on the workings of the internets, I don't think that's what this is about at all. This is about offshore websites that distribute illegally shared copyrighted content. From my perspective, this isn't about the government taking away your rights (unless you believe you have a right to steal), and 11w is not at risk.

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The bill was originally brought forth, and strongly lobbied for, by the entertainment industry, in an effort to curb the illegal sharing of copyrighted material- however, it features language above and beyond the simple objective that you describe and essentially eliminates due process and gives too much distcretin to the federal government.

As it currently stands, if someone posted a link to an illegal stream of a movie on twitter, the government would have the ability to shut down ALL of twiiter. They do not need to consult the owners of the site, they do not simply target the specified incident or user, they unilaterally would have the ability to shut down the entire site. It legalizes censorship, which would be fine if this was China and not the United States of America. 

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OK. That may be true about the government and the entertainment industustry, but aren't you just a little bit worried Big Brother taking more and more of our liberties? I am. And I am not a nutty conspiracy theorist.

Anyway, Go Buckeyes! :)



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This is without question my favorite and most-visited website.  I'm personally a politics junkie when I'm not watching OSU...or working or family-ing, I guess.  But one of the things I've appreciated about 11W is that the site has been a safe haven that's been completely free from politics (unless it involves the NCAA).  When people out themselves on their political beliefs on this website, it taints my fan experience and my interactions with others, because I tend to take some of these political positions personally.  When people express their disagreement on various issues, it colors my thinking on what they have to say.

This issue is different however, it needs emphasis, it's appropriate to point it out here, and it's not a "conservative"/"liberal" issue, it's a liberty/tyranny issue.  "Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble"  Seems like electronic assembly should be protected as well.

All the same, I think it would be good if people refrained from endorsements...I don't know who anybody else is voting for, and I don't want to know.  Unless it's an endorsement for Urban for Governor.  He'd have my vote immediately.

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Edit: wrong thread

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SOPA's gotta go! Like the "Blog Poll", we need to organize the sports bloggers against SOPA.

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It doesn't seem that long ago that a politician from Tennessee invented the internet.