Tyvis Powell recaps his official visit

By Ramzy Nasrallah on December 15, 2011 at 7:34p

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soo.. what happened on Saturday night lol..

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

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I think it's better left untold.

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I'm surprised URBZ skipped the most valuable asset in the vests recruiting arsenal. By all the media mouth breathers, you'd have thunk he personally escorted them on Saturday to fine line. /end rant
Now that I got that out, I'm floored by this account, and by this kids attitude. He committed to tOSU when it was looking pretty bleak. He seems to have a great attitude, well spoken, and comes across as someone that can impact not just the field, but the locker room as well. Kirk Cousins can stuff that speech of his.
O-H Tyvis!


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Love what this kid says. Too bad he didn't put up the 315....

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Recruiting weapons #21 and #22 are apparently Canes and City BBQ. This does not surprise me. As with Tyvis, 18 yr old SGT. ELIAS' stomach knew all too well the siren song of copious amounts of properly cooked meats. Those 2 joints are still some of my favorite food coma Shangri-La's.  Now I'm hungry.  

I like this kid! A good sense of humor is usually the mark of an agile mind. Methinks UFM (does anyone else read that as Urban F_ckin' Meyer in their head?) is going to turn many of us into recruit-niks. Urbz goes HAM at these kids, love it. 


"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

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This kid personifies what a Buckeye is!

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Uhhh I love this guy already.

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Glad he had a good time, all I could think about was the big screen TV in the Miller/Shazier room.........darn this past year.

vacuuming sucks

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In all seriousness though, when I was broke and in college I still managed to scrounge up enough money to buy myself a 42" TV. I don't think you can walk into any college dorm these days and NOT find a big screen.

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My favorite quote of the whole writeup by far was "Bri'Onte Dunn silenced the talk about going to scUM! Im glad to know he is 100% Buckeye!! Thats the type of people I like. People who really bleed the Scarlet and Gray!!"

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I've read all of Tyvis' accounts (there are 10 total now).  Some of his comments almost brought tears to my eye.  Really happy to have a passionate Buckeye like him.

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Great article...I liked the "hitting 315"...glad to see he's all in.

"2014 National Champions...deal with it!!!"

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OK, I now have my favorite incoming freshman.   Sounds like a great kid, with a good head on his shoulders.   And didn't realize he was 6-3, once he fills that frame out, look out.   Welcome to the "new" TP.

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This kid is awesome, love his attitude!


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This guy knows what being a Buckeye is all about.