Troy Smith Arrested in Cleveland

By Elika on December 24, 2011 at 4:51a

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Pulled over for a traffic violation. Arrested due to an outstanding warrant for driving with a suspended license.

While certainly not the smartest of moves, this is a non-story.

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I blame Tressel.

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These kind of infractions really show how deep the rabbit holes goes guys.  It's obvious now that Tressel ochestrates a vast alunmi network of traffic violators.  Stare not into the abyss folks, cause Tressel's in there and he's looking back at you.

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Is this on ESPN's front page yet?

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The real conspiracy is by every media outlet everywhere to overblow anything embarrassing ever done by any buckeye, current or former. I'm sure Channel 5's Leah Richards giddily called ESPN's anti-OSU batcave as soon as this came across the wires.

This blurb is the appropriate level of attention. Something is wrong when this comment thread becomes the mirror image of the one on MGoBlog. Over there it's all snark about Cicero emailing Tressel, or just outright "Troy Smith is a cheating douche nozzle." Those guys are whiny bitches who need this for comfort after years of getting their asses handed to them. What's our excuse?

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We are able/need to bring some levity to unfortunate situations?

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Thanks Orlando - I just actually laughed out loud.

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Digeronimo strikes again!!!

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Driving under suspension for what?  Plain Dealer trying to sell papers.

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Were they making a Nissan commercial?

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Hard to believe he hasn't gotten picked up with all the terrible backup qb's that see the field in the NFL.  Bears could use him.

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^THIS.... so much this!

Troy will never be an elite QB in the pros, but he is more than capable of being a competent backup. He's 10000x better than most backups in the league. When watching him last year, I was very impressed with his arm strength, especially when compared to other backups. Troy throws lasers. He has a beautiful deep ball too.

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100% agreed. I think about this every Sunday.

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I've often wondered this myself and the only explanation I can get is that Troy's locker room reputation isn't exactly exemplar throughout the NFL.

I remember reading certain coaches say that he was the most charismatic player they've ever been around and I think the problem here is that Troy's views of his own abilities ... and his actual abilities ... probably don't jibe in real life. Like (this is just pure speculation now) it seems like there have been instances where he is such a 'leader' that he wins over the locker room despite not being the starter and in teh process undermines someone who actually is better skills-wise as him. Look at what happened in his tenure at SF .. and how Alex Smith is finally looking like a competant pro QB now. I don't know I'm just speculating based on all teh articles about him I've read over the years... 

IMHO if he had the "mindset" of a typical backup (see: Caleb Hanie, etc etc) instead of a Heisman winning superstar, he'd have a job holding a clipboard Somewhere. 

.. Or the Browns could always just sign him and induce a collective Buckeye-gasm among their fan base. It'd be like Tebowtime Lite

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I would just love to see what happens if Troy got a chance to for a full off-season to compete for a job. He only had a few weeks in Sanf Fran before he took over, and he put up respectable numbers. He struggled after Frank Gore and a few linemen went down with injuries. Give him a full season to work, and he'll be just fine. Remember, 2006 was the first season where Troy was the established number one starter and didn't have to split reps with Zwick in the offseason. It showed too in Smith's knowledge of the playbook. He always knew where each receiver was and he and the receivers developed a phenomenal feel for timing routes. I don't buy that he's limited by his height. Ohio State had a pretty big line in front of him in 2006, and he saw the field just fine.

I also can't get over how underrated his arm strength is. The guy has a cannon, and throws exceptionally well on the run. And I honestly believe his deep ball is WAY better than most. Deep throwing ability is something many QBs lack these days since they're used to running spread and West Coast crap their whole lives before the pros, where they develop great intermediate passing ability but no deep throwing skills/timing (This is part of the reason I believe Ginn has been so hampered; he hasn't had a QB with the ability to launch it deep on a consistent basis... if Ginn played on the Colts, his stats would be much better... and imagine Peyton Manning with the luxury of having to deal with a safety playing deep all the time... With the Dolphins and 49ers, I saw Henne and Alex Smith consistently underthrow Ginn... Hell those guys could never even hit him in stride on a slant like Troy used to).

As far as character goes, I think it all has to do with the one time he had that heated exchange with Singletery on the sideline. NFL coaches are like a fraternity; they're tight-nit group, and "old boys" club (that's why you see so many coaches bounce around... the NFL is essentially a carousel of the same 50 or so coaches). Singletery may have "blacklisted" Troy for that one exchange, becaue by all accounts, Troy is a phenomenal teammmate and a tireless worker. I'd expect Troy to be picked up by someone in the offseason, especially now that Tressel has more free-time to lobby for him. And then with more maturity and an entire offseason to work with a team, I expect that he'll make a run to be the backup somewhere, or even compete for a starting job.

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the browns could use him too

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Sports By Brooks is reporting he knows that there are $40,000 worth of parking tickets that Troy Smith has accrued as well.

And he wrote checks for every single one.

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You know, how do these guys not get this taken care of? Professional athletes make crap tons of money and in many of these cases the only thing the DMV wants is money to reinstates these licenses. Is seems to me that it is becoming way too common for the professional athlete to not do the simplest things like keep a valid license and insure their cars. Clifford from Oregon, Pryor and now Smith. SMH true its a non story but it equally takes as much effort to keep your license valid as it did to report this incident. 

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These athletes did not make their money on Jeopardy!

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This is certainly not a story but certainly a sign that Troy isnt doing too well. Hope stuff starts turning around for him.