By Jason Priestas on December 7, 2011 at 11:26a

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This has "new meme" written all over it. 

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Meet the new meme; same as the old meme :(


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Not sure if you're a redditor, but if you are, then I would imagine that you're a Knight of New. 

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I'm not, so I have no idea what that means but I assume it's a good zing of sorts.


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Nope, I'm not good at coming up with zings, nor was that my intention. 

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PAAAAAWWWWWWWL yur totilly write, jus fixin' I'd call ya'll and let yew no. Ima hang up an lissen now

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god this is so perfect.

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SEC defenses are great, sure. That doesn't necessarily mean they're as dominant as theyw ere in years past.

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Yeah, maybe 2 of 12 SEC defenses would've eaten him alive.  And maybe Big 12 defenses suck.  But still, when's the last time Baylor has beaten Oklahoma and Texas in the same season?  Has it ever happened?  No, because Baylor had never beaten Oklahoma before until this year. 

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WV had 533 yds and Oregon had 336 yds of TO vs the LSU D. Both teams (WV & OR) turned the ball over 4 times. I'm sure some of those TOs were forced by the LSU D but I would not consider it dominating these OOC opponents.  The only quality OOC Alabama played was Penn St and their offense, especially early in the season, was horrible.

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I see my talking points are catching on!  :-)

If Trollbaum wants DOMINANT defense, I have some for him:

Yards allowed against Oregon:

Ohio State - 260 yards (17 points)

LSU - 335 yards (27 points)

Auburn - 449 yards (19 points)

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Geno Smith's 463 yds passing was his highest game total for the year. Granted, WV abandoned the run in that game since LSU went ahead early on but Geno Smith? Weeden or Griffin would be able to move the ball on the LSU D but could they eliminate TOs and could their Ds stop LSUs rushing attack. 

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What a piece of shit.

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Good point Finebaum, Cam was eaten alive last year too in that gimmicky spread.

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Richardson over RGIII? Yet another good but nowhere near great Alabama back is going to new york and it's all over perceived defensive strength. Ridiculous.

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If a running back wins it, it needs to be Ball.

Trent Richardson=Alabama Crimson Tide=No division winner/conference winner. Has a phenomenal defense and a serviceable passing game. Plays in a tough defensive conference, probably tougher defensively than the Big Ten. The average rushing defensive ranking that Alabama faced was ranked 49th (FCS team ranking omitted).
2011     263 1583 6.0    76   20 27   327 12.1 61 3
Montee Ball=Wisconsin Badgers=Won division/Conference. Has a serviceable passing game, slightly better than Alabama’s in my opinion. There defense is atrocious and nowhere near the caliber of Alabama’s. The average rushing defensive ranking that Wisconsin faced was ranked 60th (FCS team ranking omitted).

2011      275 1759 6.4   54  32 20   255 12.8   63 6

Just throwing this out there for something to think about. Which is more important to their team? I do believe that Richardson is likely the better NFL prospect. He runs with more power than Ball does. Based off college performance, I think that ball has the better performance but not by a large margin at all. I’ll take 38 touchdowns over 23 any day.

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The Heisman isn't a Most Valuable Player award. It is supposed to be given to the most OUTSTANDING player in collegiate football. This is funny because the word Outstanding has come to mean the QB or RB on one of the nations top 5 programs. I made some comments about this yesterday and we learned that since Tim Brown's Heisman in 1987, 3 guys (Brown, Ricky Williams and Tebow) have won the Heisman on a team with 3 or more losses. That's a disgrace because there were plenty of guys worthy. I mean if we are looking for OUTSTANDING performances, cases can be made for dozens of dude's each year. Richardson has had a great year by any metric but NOTHING he has done makes you say "WOW". 38 TD's? that makes a dude say "Whoa". What about the fact that RG3 had more TD's than incompletions for half of the year? That makes you say "Whoa". If Richardson wins, I'll be disapointed, especially given the two other guys on the ballot who have done WAY more. RG3 won't win because of his team's losses-21 times out of 24 is a trend-and in the years guys on 'losing' teams (in the Heisman sense of the word) won the Heisman, they broke records-big records. Personally, this should be a toss up between Ball and RG3. Realistically, its a toss up between SEC cover boy Richardson and White pro style QB @ smart kid school Luck.

My guess? Luck gets the nod.

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The only evidence I need to know the Heisman is bullshit is that Larry Fitzgerald never won it.

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Quite honestly I feel the same about Suh 2 years ago.  Granted he's a defender, but quite honestly did anyone in college football impact the game the way he did that year?  He was easily the best player in college football that year.  I also feel like McFadden should've had at least 1 Heisman.

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Rushing defenses faced by Ball in conference play:

Michigan State - 2.93 ypc

Illinois - 3.29 ypc

Penn State - 3.58 ypc

Ohio State - 3.88 ypc

Nebraska - 4.08 ypc

Purdue - 4.39 ypc

Minnesota - 4.87 ypc

Indiana - 5.30 ypc

Simple average: 3.92 ypc


Rushing defenses seen be Richardson in conference play:

LSU - 2.61 ypc

Florida - 3.38 ypc

Vanderbilt - 3.44 ypc

Mississippi State - 3.88 ypc

Tennessee - 4.33 ypc

Arkansas - 4.50 ypc

Auburn - 4.66 ypc

Ole Miss - 5.40 ypc

Simple Average: 4.03 ypc

Against common opponent, Penn State:

Ball - 25 carries, 156 yards (6.2 ypc) 4 TD, 1 Rec 15 yards, 171 total yards

Richardson - 26 carries, 111 yards (4.3 ypc), 2 TD, 4 rec 19 yards. 130 total yards




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Also, against Penn State, Richardson needed 37 yards in the 4th quarter to get to 111. Montee ball had his 156 through three quarters and then went to the bench. He didn't get (or need) a single carry in the fourth quarter.

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Did someone put up this almost exact post yesterday?

I feel like I read it already..

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When it his show comes on XM college, I actually change the preset so that I won't accidentally forget that it is on and listen to it.  I don't want to lose 40 points off of my IQ for a moment of mistake.

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lol, never heard this show, but figure when you get guys calling in admitting they poisoned trees at a rival campus, and he's a regular to the show, it's probably a show I don't want to hear lol.

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This goes to show you what a master class of self-aggrandizing troll Paul Finebaum is. He's really the best one this side of Skip Bayless.

He just says this shit because he knows it will 1) cause SEC mouthbreathers to thump their chest and nod their head and keep listening 2) cause every free-thinking person to say OMGOMGOMG WHAT A CLOWN. The thing is, everybody's @'s and clicks are of equal value. 

Comparing the # of comments in this thread to other Buckshots, I'd say Finebaum accomplished his mission by saying something he probably doesn't even believe in. The appropriate response to things like this is: *shrug*

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GUYS, GUYS, please. SEC defenses would eat Tom Brady and Drew Brees alive! ESPN told me so! 

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I know PAWWWWW! Tink 'bout it: Cyam Nutin haz more passin yards in twelf Ennifell games dis year dan he did all uh last seezin! An dat was furteen gamez! So i'm juz sayin dat da ESSEEESEEE defenses mite juz be a lil bettur then da defenses in da Ennifell. Datz all I got Pawww, Ima hangup n lissen!

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Come one people! Why on earth do you bother with facts? This is the SEC we are talking about! This is the conference that seriously thinks that Vandy or Kentucky would win every other conference every single year. I've listened to this dope a few times on XM and he is a bigger tool than May and Cowherd combined. Let him go, let all of those Johnny Rebs go, and just know there is nothing you can do to change their minds.

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