Official: Beckman to Illinois

By Alex on December 9, 2011 at 4:48p

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This is a great hire for Illinois!  I'm excited for them.  I think Beckman will do well there.  But hopefully not too well.  :-)

BTW, I also think Charlie Weis to Kansas is a good hire.  Notre Dame was too much spotlight and pressure for Weis.  At Kansas, he can fly a bit more under the radar.  And fans at KU will be a bit more patient and give him the time that he needs to develop the program. 

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Before it's all said and done, I think the Charlie Weis hire by Kansas could go down as one of the most epic fails in modern day college football. 

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Well, they must be gluttons for punishment, in Lawrence. Weiss - like Mark Mangino - is pretty surly. 

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Like the 2 years they gave Turner Gill?

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I'm a Toledo grad and I hope Beckman does well at Illinois, except when he plays against Ohio State.

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Good for him.  He seems like he did a good job at Toledo.  I know that he was thought pretty highly of at OSU, but he didn't have many fans at Oklahoma State when he was there as defensive coordinator.  07 finished 101st in total D and 08 finished 94th.  He somehow turned that into a head coaching gig at Toledo.

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Ok St wasn't exactly getting good defensive recruits then. Some are starting to come in now but with what he had against the offenses those years wasn't too bad.