Urban Meyer Will Not be Appearing on ESPN This Weekend

By Jason Priestas on November 25, 2011 at 4:20p

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Wonder if that's because it would clash with a trip to Columbus. 

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He is taking a last break before its back to work again...GO BUCKS!

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I had the complete displeasure of spending Thankgiving with some weasel fans (my in-laws. Yeah, I know). In between smarmy comments about our scandal, our record and their return to dominance was sprinkled the 'Urban keeps denying it. You guys are in denial' comments. It's actually kinda pathetic how desperate they are to believe he's not coming. I'd be terrified too if I were them--if Mattison can do what he's done with Robinson's defense, image what Urban can do with the talent on our team...

Go Bucks!

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I know how you feel about Michigan in-laws. Two years ago we drove from California to Ohio (for my family's reunion) and then to southern Michigan (for in-law's July 4 celebration). I purposely showed up at the July 4 party decked out in the maximal amount of OSU gear I could wear in July. Nearly everyone there was wearing skunk-weasel regalia. I took a lot of joking (and not-so-joking) flack when I got there, but simply responded with "when was the last time you beat us?" That shut everyone up, except for one person outside the family who tried to start a fight. By the way, my wife doesn't really follow football, but does go all out when she attends OSU games with me.

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If by dominance they meant losing badly to the two teams they played with a semblance of a pulse, then yes, Michigan is returning to dominance.  And, watching the LSU-Ark game, I really, really want Studrawa to be on our staff.  Love the way the Tigers play offense.  And defense, for that matter.

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Same here, but is Ohio State ready to pay SEC $ for assistant coaches?  I think Meyer will need that kind of expensive help to make the next decade turn out as well or better than the last one.

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The funny thing about what they said is, Urban's never actually denied interest or denied that he was going to take the job.  All he has said is, no deal is in place. Which, if you compare it to a few weeks back when his name was mentioned in connection to Penn State, he came right out and said he was happy where he was and would not be coaching at Penn State. 

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Saw on Bleacher Report an Urban Meyer reference. Colin Cowherd tweeted the following a couple hours ago:

"Been told Urban Meyer will b named OSU coach on Sunday. Not exactly pulitzer level Journalism--just told by a source I trust."


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Nothing to see here! Keep moving!

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I actually hope they wait until Tuesday to make the announcement. I have been told the NCAA is going to levy our punishment on Monday.

tOSU could stand a good PR move about now.  Let the NCAA make the anouncement so that issue is completely put to bed.  Let the media hacks moan and groan for 24 hours about our lack of bowl ban and then Meyer gets announced on Tuesday. Now, this is the only news that is really news. No reason to talk to Meyer about the NCAA stuff because its already been handled.

What a great week it would be....Michgan down, Scandal out, Meyer in and Bucks back up!!!!

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Very telling. The worst kept secret in college football.