PSA: BTN GameFinder is Your Friend

November 3, 2011 at 7:08p    by Jason Priestas    
OSU/IU will kick off at the same time as the MSU/MINN game, so you may have to tune to the BTN's aux channel in your area.


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For those who have DirecTV, if you already have BTN, should you already have the BTN aux channel (I realize that this might be an obvious answer, but DirecTV can be hit or miss sometimes).

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Insight cable always screws this up and doesn't provide an alternate channel. Ive already resigned myself to the radio Saturday.

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I have the same problem with Time Warner in my neck of the woods.  They only provide one BTN channel even though you must pay a monthly fee for their "Sports Tier Package".  I'm hoping to catch it on and being able to bring it up on the tv. 

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looks i will be relegated to watching the game on BTN2GO while in Nashville.

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