NCAA Launches Investigation on PSU

By Alex on November 18, 2011 at 3:47p

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Kinda out of their jurisdiction IMHO.  I just hate having the NCAA nosing around when real law enforcement officials are the folks who should be all over this situation.  I suppose their are ADept questions that have to be answered, but the NCAA just needs to take a back seat to the criminal aspects of what happened.

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Well, THEY believe they are "real" that counts.


I agree for what it's worth!

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Out of its jurisdiction? I disagree.

Reform spawned the NCAA. It is a legislaive body that regulates the activities of its members. Ethics lie within its realm of interpretation. 

If anything, the NCAA needs to evolve. 

Unfortunately, Penn State has made that necessary.

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Agreed Maestro on stepping over boundary.

Regardless, they have & the wording of the .pdf is horrendously bad for PSU. Not really sure how things could be worse for them.

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I have now heard Joe Pa has lung cancer. I had some concern that once he left football he would die. As soon as he stopped being needed and relevant he would give up and his body would fail. I think that's how my grandpa will be, he's 83 and still goes into his office every day, and I think it's because he needs it, because the office certainly doesn't need him anymore.

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Bear Bryant didn't live long after retiring.  I did read that it's a treatable form of cancer.  I hope so, but something gets all of us in the end.  84 years is a full life.

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i figured he'd die soon after retiring as well.  But I kind of feel like maybe if he hadn't retired, they wouldn't have found it until much later, and it would be much worse.  Probably having nothing to do anymore gave him time to go to the doc's office and get his cough or whatever checked out

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The NCAA certainly shouldn't be looking to expand their mission.  They should look to get better at what they are supposed to do and get the hell out of the way in all other respects. 

Why was there an NCAA logo on the box of the new TV I bought?  Why are the junior size footballs I buy my sons NCAA licensed products?  I guess they are collecting that money, throwing it into the pot with the video game licensing and TV revenues they collect so that they can divide it amongst the student athletes that are the reason for their existence (or maybe using it to mete out punishment to any athlete who dares profit from his fame or talent).

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The NCAA can not stand on the sidelines on this.  There very definitely is a code of conduct in their bylaws, and they have a responsibility to enforce it.  To sit by idly would expose them to some of the liability that Penn State is facing on all of this.  They must act judiciously and enforce any bylaws they have or they will find themselves in court on the wrong side of this battle. 

That is not to say that they are in territory some people don't want the to be, but to ignore the proceedings all together would be gross neglect of their bylaws.  It is not a matter of whether I think they should be there or not.