Butthurt: Commenced

By Ramzy Nasrallah on November 20, 2011 at 9:41a

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Boo effing hoo. I guess in the minds of sec fans 2 mncs in a 3 year period isn't enough

Fundamentals are a crutch for the talentless.

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Urban "Liar".

That's gold Jerry, gold!

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Butthurt or not, this article makes a lot of good points. If Ohio State is his dream job, then maybe he'll be more dedicated to it than he was Florida. But no one was surprised that his waffling about the Florida job started with the departure of Tebow. Maybe it was hard to get motivated for the job when the cupboards are bare. I've been pretty anti-Urban, but I'm starting to come around, in part because I may have no choice and in part because I see all the good things that he could bring to the program (I'm still concerned about his track record of criminals who play football as their day jobs). Hopefully, he signs with OSU and this works out OK. But we might want to be careful what we wish for. It wasn't that long ago that the #1 recruit in the land chose the University of Ohio State. I'd trade every single win and B1G championship to have Tressel and our collective dignity back.

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Anyone else hear the rumor about his 'health' issue really being about having an affair with an undergrad?

Buckeye born and bred. Buckeye til I'm dead.

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I Live in Florida and know there's been heavy speculation about that. The health problem was probably getting the shit beat out of him by his wife. Sometimes you gotta leave if you want to save a marriage.

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If true, you can bet those covering this up at Florida will quickly uncover it. Meyer (and OSU) would have to know this and be prepared for the shit storm that follows. Again, that's assuming that this is true. However, since your post, I've been frantically researching this and all I could find was some tweet about something that was mentioned on a radio station. Please god, no more scandal.

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I am in Gainesville a few times a month, and its an oft discussed topic at the University hospital whenever Urban's departure is discussed. Heres to hoping its just watercooler stuff. 

Buckeye born and bred. Buckeye til I'm dead.

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I would have to see pictures of the alleged home wrecker to determine my disappointment factor. I mean, have you seen some of the undergrads at UF? Have you!?

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My comment: Hee hee hee. There's no bigger Buckeye hater in the media anywhere than Bianchi, so his whines of disbelief are music to my ears.

It's ironic that the fifth-year seniors for both Florida and Ohio State were signed a few weeks after they played each other for the national championship, and now both teams are barely over .500.

The most "loud mouth, disrespect" poster on 11W.

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And none of the players put the blame squarely on themselves...