Bucks Back in it for One of Nation's Best

By Alex on November 30, 2011 at 9:11p

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"Jones is so versatile and I think he's come a long way since his junior season where he had many good games against weaker opponents but struggled at times with the better ones," Rivals National Analyst Mike Farrell said.

"As a senior he has added strength and speed and watching him go head-to-head against five-star Stefon Diggs as both a receiver and cornerback was exciting to see. Jones could play at a high BCS level as either a cornerback or receiver and he is a game-breaker on both sides of the ball."

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Good news. I'm still waiting for some headliners from LBs and OLs...

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We will need more WRs because Urban runs a lot of 3-5WR sets.

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sounds like the Fickell/Meyer recruiting combo has influence

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"Cyrus" "Noah" "Adolphus" ... BRING IN THESE BIBILICAL BROS.

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I'm sure Jesus is telling them to become a Buckeye

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^This is awesome. 

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target