Gunner Kiel is Back on the Market

By Jason Priestas on October 21, 2011 at 12:16p

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Are you suggesting that the Buckeyes should hire Kevin an offensive coordinator...and get in the market for Kiel?

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not in a racist way at all..but i would love to pick up a pass heavy white feel like we've delegated ourselve to the dual qb and we don't have a system to run a traditional offense

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I think we've tried that..and it never seems to end well: Schwick, Boeckman, Bauserman.

We do offer those guys..but don't seem to get them in the end. Graham is what you're reffering to..but without a great O-line and competent O-line coach/OC he'll get killed back there.

Siciliano doesn't help the cause either.


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I feel bad for Indiana fans. The kid is entitled to do what's best for him,  but making the early commitment to a perennial loser only to pull the rug out a few months later is kind of a dick move.

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Reverse Kalis'd


Commit to perennial winner, pull rug out, go to perennial (as of late) loser.

Please, be honest. This is for science.

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Oh man, this happens to me all of the time in NCAA 12. I get a dude as a Soft Verbal and 2 weeks later-Boom, he signs with Bama. I feel your pain, Hoosiers.

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You've got to ride the negative recruiting train. It has gotten me like 10 guys to go from soft verbal to one school, to hard verbal for me.

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ND with JT

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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For some reason, I couldn't handle someone nicknamed Gunner on my favorite team. He has that handle that just makes me wish someone like John Simon would pick him up and break him over his knee.

Long live the southend.

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Ohio State should make a move. Columbus, OH is closer to his home of Columbus, IN than South Bend is. Have you seen game film of this kid? He's a bona fide STUD. I watch a lot of high school football, and he may be the most complete 17-18 year old QB I have ever seen in my life. He's a powerful runner too.

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Ya cause our staff could totally convince a top rated QB to come to Columbus....

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Or Braxton Miller? Justin Zwick? Taylor Graham was even a 4 star recruit.

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I think Poe is referring to the current staff, not Tressell, who ultimately could get those guys to come here. If you're not an Ohio kid or legacy son its not very appealing to come here and play for Bollmans offense.


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This.  Just thinking it would be a tough sell until some continuity is in place.