Winning the Haters Over, One Blowout at a Time

By Jason Priestas on September 4, 2011 at 12:44p

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Brady's picture

Nice to see some positive press on the Buckeyes for once.  I enjoyed the article but calling Solomon Thomas our "best" defensive lineman is not quite accurate.  Whatever.  I'll take anything positive after this past spring/summer.


TLB's picture

It's a shame they didn't look as bad as he had hoped.  Almost sounds like he had his "I told you they wouldn't be any good" article written and had to quickly put this one together.

Bucks's picture

I certainly fall into the majority with one category thought of as a 'rut-roh' type deal. Obviously it was against Akron, yes.

With that said, we absolutely have some future playmakers in the slots. How they fare against apt talent remains to be seen. Their ability though, is there.

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 All I have to say to Gregg Doyel(and all of the other idiots and haters that ripped on TP for 3 years, saying he wasn't that good, then when he's gone, they somehow think, all of a sudden, that Ohio State is going to suck), who now suddenly realizes that Ohio State is stacked, is, NO SHIT Sherlock?

Gregg "reluctantly" has to admit that OSU is still pretty damn good. Anybody that knows this team, knows they are stacked with talent.