Pryor's Appeal Denied

By Jason Priestas on September 30, 2011 at 4:30p

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You mean Commissioner Goodell wasn't willing to overturn the decision of Commissioner Goodell?  Shock.


Seriously, I find it disgusting that the NFL has taken to enforcing the NCAA's rules - it only reinforces, to my mind, the inappropriately strong relationship between the NCAA and the NFL, and the lack of choice that players have about playing college football for peanuts.  


Also, under Goodell's logic, shouldn't Pete Carroll have been punished by the NFL for all that happened under him at USC?

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I don't know if Pete Caroll should've been but Reggie Bush certainly would've qualified.  People always bring up Pete, but did Pete ever actually get accused of anything by the NCAA? 

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I would expect Pryor to file a grievance, though, and likely win because of one word: Jurisdiction.

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Comrades, everything is being taken care of.Welcome to Amerika where there was once fredom.Then they passed the 14th amendment to the costitution, and made us all slaves.

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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They are not punishing him for breaking NCAA rules. They suspended him because he tried to make himself (or have OSU declare him) ineligible for the rest of the NCAA season after the regular draft, to be eligible for the supplemental draft. If the NFL allows players to manipulate their eligibility for the NFL draft it wouldn't make sense for them to have rules if the players just get to bend them at their own whims.

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Exactly. I'm sure the punishment is no coincidence, but that doesn't bother me at all. Protecting the integrity of the NFL helps to protect the integrity of the NCAA/college football/whatever it becomes in the next few years. And while I'm disappointed TP didn't stay at tOSU from a talent and short term perspective, this is probably the best thing that could have happened for all parties involved including tOSU, the NCAA, and the NFL.

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Umm, then why let him in the supplemental to begin with? Makes no sense. Oh, and magically they came to the same amount of games as he was suspended for in college?

This has nothing to do with the NFL. The real puppet master has one more letter in its acronym.

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A) TP was & will be a spectacle to watch. His athletic ability requires its own entry. Had he been here for his final season, he would have run away with the Heisman like it was a warm knife through butter. Make any argument you want, his performance would be immaculate. No matter what he does, the performance on the field makes up for anything.

B) Pryor is someone who hasn't taken a whole lot seriously. Knows he has athletic gifts, does improve on the field (slowly), but is a complete ass off the field. To ensure his own viability/immediate future, he threw former team-mates under the bus to gain his ineligibity.


I have to admit some bias in this. Knowing some players both current & former, Terrelle Pryor can shove it up his arse.

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I can corroborate to some degree. One very prominent player still on the team said Pryor was the worst thing to ever happen to Ohio State.

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Word is TP was one of the big reasons Hartline chose to forgoe his senior season.

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Not even lying I had been thinking that ever since Hartline declared. That was such a mind-boggling decision by him that it must have had to do with TP.

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Remember when TP elbowed some kid or something at his high school basketball tourney and we insta-forgave it as a mix of immaturity and passionate competition?

If only that were the case. What a sad blemish on our rich and beautiful history.

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Not to make excuses for Pryor, but Troy Smith clocked some kid from St. Johns at a basketball tourney in HS, too...  

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Pretty sure every football eye in the nation wasn't glued to Troys every move breathlessly awaiting his choice of programs, so not really the same thing.

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How is that not the same thing? A punch and an elbow, both an act of agression. The difference between Troy and Pryor was that Troy chose to grow up.

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Just because things are similar, doesnt make them the same. When did we know what Troy did? After the fact, not as the number one recruit in the nation. My point is not about the severity of what they did, but our willingness as fans to ignore some character issues. We didnt care about Troy's off-field issues as a senior in high school because we didnt know about them as they were happening.


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1. Pryor would not have ran away with the heisman this year.

2.Pryor is no longer a Buckeye, and apparently was a "fake" one when he was here.

Could care less if he gets into an NFL game or not.


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Couldn' less

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Can't sleep, this is a fucking dark ass day. I don't want to pile on, but fuck. A buddy of mine from that area told me he was gonna fuck us. This is like bizzaro world.

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