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By Ramzy Nasrallah on September 12, 2011 at 7:17p

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Will wait for more info before calling it shady. What was shady? Are people really paying to eat dinner with kids? Or are the really doing it for the charity? I love me some football but don't really want to hang out the kids who play. If you're an ol' dude like me hanging out with young men isn't shady, that's kind of creepy.

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"According to Ohio State's self-report to the NCAA, two of the suspended players said a former player gave them money at the event. Another said a person that Ohio State classified as a "representative of athletics interests" provided the money."


Compliance cannot have escorts following players around constantly so them getting to an event & accepting cash is completely on the players. The NCAA having additional questions is understandable and who wouldn't have additional on that?

I'm concerned in regards to the additional current players. Yes, right now they didn't take any money but we've all been witness to the storyline changing completely over the past 1/2 year. Maybe we should start over/under odds on if one or both was Herron/Posey?

Also, "representative of athletics interests" ... uh what? I'd prefer the university refer to the person as dipstick. I imagine it will be said that the money was for just travel, lodging, etc. but still, DON'T GIVE PLAYERS GIFTS UNLESS APPROVED BY THE UNIVERSITY.

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That good old "Glenville Pipeline"... Ugh.

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There's smoke in the distance... and it's only getting darker and thicker.  Is it bad that this seems eerily similar to the gradual escalation that occurred before Tatgate really broke open?  Someone keep tabs on Dan Wetzel/Charles Robinson and George Dohrmann please...

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We're giving back now? I thought we paid forward. I guess I didn't get the memo.

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OSU should compile a list of things, etc. the players can accept and a list of things, etc. they cannot accept. Then test the players every two weeks. If they flunk, they stand on the sideline at the games and watch. To me, the only thing the NCAA will let our players do is accept dinner with mom and dad. No discounts on ANYTHING! 2-for-1 coupons at Wendy's are unacceptable from friends, and mom-and dad, too. The NCAA with their strange and twisted logic would look at the discount and think a booster gave it to them. I'm flat out sick and tired of reading about them being suspended for this and that every week.  

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I heard that Mike Brewster' girlfriend paid for a hamburger the other night. And he ate it! NCAA investigating.

Long live the southend.