Youth Movement

July 13, 2011 at 10:22a    by Chris Lauderback    


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This gets me pumped.  I cannot wait for September 3rd.  I can already imagine the intensity that they'll play with this year.

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I am all for the emotion, but I for one was always proud of the class Tress displayed on and off the field. As long as the energy and emotion is tempered with respect and decorum, then I am really excited to see the change. I just think the mindset of the Tressel era was important in the respect that it showed you CAN have an elite competitive program sans a thuggish swagger.

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That was something I always preached to my recruits, "Motivation tempered by Discipline". Reckless motivation can be detrimental and ultra conservatism can lack production.

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Couldn't agree more.  You can be fired up, but still act like you've been there.

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IT'S TIME TO RUN UP THE SCORE!!!! (on teams other than jNW and Purdon't)

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I hope they save the major intensity for the thUg.

Long live the southend.