The Top 100 Recruits of the Last Decade

By Jason Priestas on July 18, 2011 at 1:02p

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Holy shit are you kidding me?  I would take teddy ginn jr before all of those guys in the top 20.  Do these rivals guys even watch college football.  Teddy Ginn is without question the most dangerous guy on the planet during the 2004-06 seasons.  Reggie bush should be 2nd if we are judging on field contributions.  It just goes to show you how totally clueless these recruit "experts" are when you break it down.

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VY was pretty sick.

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That is true. However Teddy Ginn had the highest touches to Td's ratio ever.  I'm looking that up to see if its a real stat but ya the kid was amazing and we were spoiled rotten for 3 years.

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Rivals also had 2 OSU recruiting classes in their top 10 classes for the decade, yet most OSU classes were rated out of the top 5 on a given year.


How can some kid fresh out of journalism school be an expert talent evaluator? I don't see any qualifications listed that would make them experts.

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Well, first of all, they preface the whole thing with a statement about how these rankings are not based on any performance factors beyond HS.  Just based on the level of recruit prospect they were at the time, compared with other classes.  

Here's a silver lining bit for beleaguered Bucks fans:  Curtis Grant is in the top 20.  Hell, if Clowney wasn't the overall #1 and this otherworldly prospect, we'd have had the overall #1 in last year's class.  And he's willing to stick with us through the mess.  Can't wait to hear how this dude does in fall camp and beyond.  This year's freshmen are key to us weathering the storm and getting back to a new level.