Smith, OSU Anger Local Press

By Jason Priestas on July 10, 2011 at 8:52a

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The handling of this mess, from December to now, has been really strange by OSU.

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I would go as far as to call them flat out liars and hypocrites.

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Did the Common Man and Torg commit suicide yet?

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With all due respect, the handful of journalists that did not get invited might consider lightening up.

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When Smith says he wants "those close to the university," and doesn't at least invite The Flagship Radio Station of The Ohio State University...I would be rather upset too.

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The handling of this entire situation from start to finish has been absolutely terrible. I can understand the desire to try and control the message when lets face it, tOSU hasn't been able to get ahead of the media. This is just not the way to do it. Comes across poorly to people outside of the school & provides more fire for writers to be incredulous.

Frankly, I'm surprised I haven't seen ESPN/Yahoo/SI & every other major media company running with this by now. Guess that will be for Monday.

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The Flagship Station probably wasn't invited because of idiots like Common Man and the Torg  who seem to be going Bruce Hooley now.

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Right, because the Torg wasn't whinging about "haters" who want to "tear down the program" just this past week when Ohio State's response to the allegations were criticized.

Ohio State has handled this mess in just about the worst way possible. The athletic department as a whole has come off as arrogant, careless and worryingly incompetent more often than not. Gene Smith and Gordon Gee are good guys, but a housecleaning may be in order to at least begin to wash the stink of this stuff of the program. 

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I agree with them regarding the handling of this situation and the botched press conferences. I just think they suck to the point of embarrassing themselves.

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Torgerson in particular is everything wrong with sports radio

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My problem is that these announcers are just that- announcers. They don't know about the process involving the NCAA, but they sure think they do. They have no business stating things as fact. Gone are the days of bringing in a legal expert for opinion on these matters. now we have Torg and former players pretending to know about these things.  Statements like "USC only had 1 player involved and OSU has 6, so OSU is gonna get hammered", are just stupid. But, they go on the air and present it as fact and call anyone who disagrees as kool aid drinkers. The media needs more Cronkites and less Hooleys and Limbaughs.

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The media feels entitled to be the most important people in everything. The media is pissed that OSU doesn't recognize them as supreme beings. They continue to bitch about access as if anyone who would limit them is evil. I believe that the media are a bunch of self-important, insecure people.

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Except for anyone associated with 11w, right?

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Sure! I meant the press that is bitching about not being included. Just because they want it doesn't mean they have to get it. They feel as they are important and demand to be treated as such. They think that they should have total access to everything because they want it.