Report: Ohio State to Wear Nike Pro Combats vs Wisconsin

By Jason Priestas on July 20, 2011 at 5:47p

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I'm not sure whether or not to take Gerd seriously or not. Could be that they will wear them at this game, but the "top rival" line has me thinking it's a joke.

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gerd likes to joke a lot but i'm pretty sure he was being serious wrt the unis themselves. also he wouldn't joke about breaking a news item like that

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read it on too. so i think it's legit. just wondering when we'll see it. please please please don't be a space uniform.

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...that is how I feel about this nonsense....

...Nike managed to not make us look like complete idiots the first two times but did anyone see the horrendous things they dressed VTech in last year?  How about the Florida nightmare shoulder thingies... this could get ugly if they don;t keep it super traditional..

...Oh, and apparently Nike does consider tOSU/Wisc a "major rivalry" as well as Boise St/UGA... Cause we're gonna apply SEC rules that if you play them ever, they are your rival

Cause I couldn't go for three

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I liked last year's because they were true to the style of the 1942 team. The first ones were awful though.....

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Agreed.  I dug the red jersey and helmet

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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I actually liked the white away uniforms way better than last year's.

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I liked the white unis better, too. The home red helmet was too plain Jane for me. I liked the stripe down the middle, and the numbers on the hlemets of the away unis. 



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I hate these things.  Standard, classic unis only please...

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I understand why a lot of people hate these, but the players seem to love them and they generate coin, so I've come to terms with them.

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Too soon, Jason..  too soon.

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Ha. Believe it or not, I was referring to the above ground benefits of the uniforms.

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Yeah well, they do generate coin, because a f#cking month later you can buy the whole GAME USED KIT, helmet, socks and all, at the official team shop.

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