Gruden Bombs

By Jason Priestas on July 1, 2011 at 2:48a

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Gruden is awesome. During his QB Camp with Pryor, he shows a bubble screen and goes "You think THAT's a read? You know what that is? zzzzzzzzz" and he pretended to fall asleep. Pryor tried to say it was a read (man he is dumb btw, "defenses be cheatin up" really TP really?!)

Gruden then shows a back shoulder fade pass, and blatantly accuses TP of getting lucky and floating a ball up to Posey (rose bowl)

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I'd like Chris Brown's opinion on that. I get Gruden's point, it's an easy pass, it's practically a handoff, and yea he's entertaining as hell in this segment. But a bubble screen can be great because it is a ridiculously easy pass for a qb and when called and set up correctly it's applying the theory of constraint. His point seemed to be just to intimidate TP about how hard the NFL is...

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Loved it when they were talking about someone spiking the ball on 4th down and TP said "That's like Chris Webber" (subtle Michigan burn).

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I didn't see that part.  I watched as much as I could.  What a weird show.  That's just about the strangest sports show I've ever seen.  It's not terrible; some of it is really interesting.  Just strange.  I wasn't quite sure who was in on the joking.

A lot has been said about how dumb Pryor is.  I have no idea what his Wonderlic is, and he may not be a genius, but I'd be very careful about underestimating Pryor.

What a weirdo Gruden is!

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pryor is a lot smarter than i think he comes off to a lot of people, but he's not a genius or anything. on the other hand, he's definitely smart enough to be an NFL qb, the real question is if he has the kind of passing skill to be one

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Gruden is more entertaining than Charlie Sheen.