Alumni Ticket Requests Down

By Jason Priestas on July 17, 2011 at 5:08a

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I have absolutely ZERO problem with this.

If those alumni don't want tickets, move to the back of the line for those that do.

Guess what? The Shoe will be at capacity for EVERY home game.  As always. Still. 

End of story...

"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel

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5000 less means I got the second game instead of the first game. How about a few less so i can get into the B1G season.

-The Aristocrats!

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I was hoping this would happen for season tickets so I could get better seats, but 5,000 doesn't do a whole lot in that stadium.

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Until I can get a good job, I'll have to watch the games from the comfort of my couch. Sorry OSU but I just dropped tens of thousands of dollars for an education at your institution and have only student loan debt to show for it so far. This economy is teh suck.'s picture

Why buy through the alumni? They give you the worst seat possible, they decide what game you get to see and they communicate poorly. I would rather buy on 11w tickets or craigslist, pick my section and pick my game. Extra $$ is worth it. 

Akron tickets should go for $30 less than Wisconsin tickets. Once OSU figures this out they will make more money and have bettter demand.





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Your endorsement check is in the mail, sir.

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I would agree that it has as much to do with the inability of alumni to get good tickets.  I haven't ordered anything through them in several years now after always getting the crappiest possible game and seats.


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I support the alumni association albeit my continuation is paltry (though i did achieve lifetime status) but since I graduated in 03 I've yet to get a decent game and the one time I got one (Wisco) I got bumped last minute for YSU. I think students should be the highest priority always and would always prefer a passionate student vs the geriatric "SIT DOWN!" set. Certainly improves the home field advantage. Just would be nice to get a decent game as an alum who views game day and being in the stadium as more than a novelty or entitlement

Imagine the move to the online system has confounded some of the septagenarian crowd. My grandma doesn't bother anymore and she views it as a conspiracy against the old people

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once again I have a pair for Akron and a pair for Indiana...anybody want them? Not trying to make a buck just trying to get face value

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Someone report this guy for spam.