OSU Cancels Auto Investigation

By Jason Priestas on June 21, 2011 at 6:10p

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The Dispatch publishes an article essentially proving their investigative team that broke this story got it wrong, yet at the same time it runs a sub headline insinuating that there still could be illegal benefits involved in these transactions, despite the fact the BMV determines all the deals were priced appropriately!?! I'm sorry, but our hometown newspaper is a journalistic joke. (With the exception of Ken Gordon, who sadly is giving up the OSU beat.) There is no reason to ever read this piece of shit newspaper.

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journalism is dead

you're right --- the Dispatch is a joke

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At times, I get fairly disgusted with some people & their idea of journalistic (not) integrity.

The actual disturbing part of it to me is how much damage is done regardless of how shoddy. I pick up some papers, read some articles these days & can't see a discernable difference between them & a tabloid.

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I couldn't agree more! Go to any "sports" site and see what their headlines are. There is very little actual sports being talked about.