Kalis to Visit Michigan This Weekend

By Jason Priestas on June 21, 2011 at 11:41a

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Ethan's picture

Disconcerting. I get that all players, even committed ones, take official visits, but the fact that Kalis has decommitted once already, and is friends with Strobel, and is going to see scUM on a weekend where it's been rumored that OSU commits were going to attend the team's camp in support of Fickell, all has me pretty worried. Not a good sign

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He's a guard at best at the next level. It  Would be nice if he stayed.  He is still committed to Ohio State at the moment though you wouldn't know it from reading the comments on Mgoblow.

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ooof.  not anymore.  at least according to bill greene

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Watched his footage, and I don't really understand a lot of the hype with him. He seems slow, Dodson seemed much faster, and way more athletic. No way that Kalis could be a tackle at the next level. Still he's a great recruit, if he ends up at Michigan, that's his choice, and he can live with it after he goes 0-4 against Ohio State.

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Agreed. Dodson looks like the better prospect.

Still hurts to think this guy might choose to play somewhere else though.  Lets wait and see what happens...although if he does choose to go to tsun, then I look forward to the pounding our boys will lay on him and the rest of the suckarines.

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