June 8, 2011 at 12:45a    by Jason Priestas    


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She's a distraction.

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I know that Cowherd is not really respected by many here, but he may be on to something with all of this.  There are certainly many cases of schools defending their trademarks when it comes to marketing items with their own logos.  They can do so because they can show economic loss because of the violation of trademarks. 

How is it that they can not go after the adults who cause hardships because of their disregard for NCAA rules.  I mean the NCAA tries to control this all by harnessing the athletes and the schools.  That is the limit of their authority.  They have no legal right beyond that.  However, the schools can easily show economic loss by the actions of these rogue adults who have no respect for NCAA rules.  They can offer what they want, do as they will, and the schools and the athletes are the ones who suffer when caught.  It is high time that the schools started going after anyone who tempts their athletes.  Imagine the cost that OSU has incurred in this fiasco, let alone the amount they need to spend to just try to stay on top of all the NCAA rules. 

It is high time to start to recoup some of that cost by going after the idiots who do the deeds.  And, I am talking about everything.  Anyone who offers even a free meal should get slammed.  Hard to enforce?  Just give have the athletes benefit appropriately from turning in these SOBs.  That's right, have the NCAA approve compensating athletes for turning in the real offenders.  I mean, we are talking about compensating athletes further anyway.  This would be a good place to start. 

Think about it.  An athlete is often tempted by the offers because, as we have all heard, they really don't have sufficient compensation to pay for all their expenses while in school.  It is impossible for many athletes to have a summer job because they are in training all summer.  If they do get a job it does require some degree of flex from the employer to accommodate a rigorous training schedule - this alone could be interpreted as favorable treatment unless the employer does this for anyone else they would hire.  So, often there is just not a suitable job for many athletes. 

So, the offers of free meals, $$$ for signatures, driving privileges, etc. just keep rolling in.  The NCAA and the schools have, in a sense, created this monster with no efficient way to police it.  Well, authorize the athletes to turn in the violators, and pay them for it. Reward them for doing the right thing.  Instantly, you have over 2000 enforcement personnel at OSU.  And, you get right to the root of the problem - the slime balls who initiate the transactions in the first place. 

The only glitch is that there may not be existing laws to cover this, but I would think civil action against these individuals would succeed based upon potential losses from the actions of perps.  If that is not enough have the feds step up and make it a real crime.  After all, the Justice Department is throwing their weight around to force a playoff for college football.  And, the only way to have a good playoff system to to guarantee an equal playing field.  The only way to do that is to control these idiots who continually tempt and corrupt athletes.  You say it can't be done.  Well, how does this really differ from paying an athlete to shave points?  If that happens the Feds step right in.  But, we have rogue boosters go out of their way and violate NCAA rules to make sure the best athletes attend their school?  Isn't that just another way of "fixing" the outcome of contests?

OK, so I realize that this is a pipe dream.  But, something has to be done about the problem.  It goes on everywhere - even at Texas - Mrs McCoy told us so.  We do need a solution. 

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I think you guys are engaged in wishful thinking here.

Disclaimer: I live in Austin and am surrounded by cows. I would like nothing more than for them to get caught cheating assuming they actually are cheating as for the most part they are insufferable jackasses.

I actually heard the call while driving to lunch yesterday - it seemed to me the (poorly stated) point was that lots of penny ante stuff might be going on around the UT boosters - but she explicitly did not say things like "players are being given cars" or "players are making tens of thousands of dollars by selling autographed stuff". She was talking about getting a dinner or a beer, and the point was that IF it was happening, it would be hard to know about and definitely hard to stop.

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I am not saying to what degree it is happening at Texas.  The point being is that something is happening and it is against NCAA guidelines.  The only way to stop it is to go to the source as we have all seen that the current NCAA policies fall far short of curbing this type of thing.  At what point does it cross the line?  Dinner every week?  Free beers every Sunday?  Heck, if you look back, these were some of the things people were saying about OSU before Pryor arrived.  It should be stopped, as the NCAA can elect to drop the hammer anywhere anytime. The only way to do that is to hold perps responsible for financial losses suffered by the school.