Jim Tressel is the Symptom, Not the Disease

By Jason Priestas on May 31, 2011 at 5:20p
"What I can't tolerate is the passel of excellent journalists who understand all the cockeyed incentives of big-time college sports, who know precisely where the big con lies, and who nonetheless write story after story after story after story in which they mistake the symptoms for the contagion." (Craggs)

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NW Buckeye's picture

Interesting piece.  It strikes me that perhaps the real target of the Tressel witch hunt could be the NCAA.  Afterall, Wetzel did write "Death to the BCS".  And, all these national publications and blogs only stand to profit immensely if they can somehow undermine the NCAA and get direct, deregulated access to the athletes that their jobs depend on.  What better way to destroy an organization than by going after the likes of Tressel?  If they can paint him as Charles Manson it is only a short process to bring down the entire system.   One does not need to attack the NCAA as a whole, just go after the little pieces, divide and conquer. 

Kyle's picture

The author is right but nothing will change.  People wag their finger at Ohio State and Jim Tressel and say shame on you and XXX University and my alma mater would NEEEEEEVER do something like that.


Case in point I heard some cocksucker Notre Dame fan actually say, "We hold our players to a higher standard."  You mean players like Michael Floyd who was arrested for DUI, his third arrest and suspended indefinitely by the pious Brian Kelly only to be reinstated because he's a great receiver.


Heard a Penn Shtate fan say something similar.  You mean JoePa runs such a tight ship they had some 25 players arrested in one year?  Or the Oklahoma fan who said OSU was practically paying its players but he'd never heard of Rhett Bomar who was getting paid by a car dealer and OU booster a bunch of money for a no-show job.


College football fans are some of the biggest hypocrites in the world.  If you think your school is above reproach just wait till Yahoo, SI, ESPN or AOL start looking more closely at your program. 

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Mistaking a symtpon for the underlying problem. This dude is so dead on. It is painful to read and run through the paralells in every part of society.

....maybe someone can get david simon to do another series about the non-sense that is the NCAA. he wouldn't even really have to re-work The Wire that much. he would only have to really ctrl+f:  (1) "street busts" and replace with "memorabilia sales" (2) "Herc" and replace with "Dohrman" and (3) "Carver" and replace with "Wetzel"