Brady Hoke is Off to an Effective Start

By Jason Priestas on April 19, 2011 at 3:43p

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I hope that success and the "other stuff" this year doesn't take away the desire to strip _ichigan of their _anhood. It is obvious they are going into this season with one desire only. Beat Ohio State. I know that Tressel will play it up, I just hope our boys are biting and still hungry.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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Whenever he calls us "Ohio" it makes my blood boil, I don't know why.  I just want to take metal plated letters S-T-A-T-E and smack it across his face after he says Ohio.

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I've been living in Illinois for the past 12 years, and am constantly asked by neighbors, co-workers, etc., "How is Ohio doing?"  You'd think I'd be immune to it by now, but I still go into smarta$$ mode and trumpet their ignorance.  

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Same here in Buffalo. I just respond that 'the Bobcats are doing fine, while the Buckeyes are really good.

Johnny Hooker: "He's not as tough as he thinks". Henry Gondorff: "Neither are we".

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I would probably respond by saying that Frank Solich seems to be building a very respectable program down in Athens.

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we loved richrod, because he was so bad!!

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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I'm honestly stunned that anyone cares. It just seems silly.

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I don't get why anyone would give a crap. It's an obvious ploy to needle Buckeye fans and it's so transparent as to be laughable. By actually getting angry about it, you give Hoke what he wants. It's not even very good or creative. When Woody said "that school up north" it was to show that he despised them so much he wouldn't even say the name of the state. By calling us "Ohio" Hoke drinks a giant cup of fail, much like his team will do this November.

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This.  It's such a forced troll attempt.

It's really no more clever than the "Suckeye" or "Chokeye" comments you see on ESPN conversations.

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You forgot Luckeyes and Slowhio State for the record..

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And the newest one.  O-Lie-O State

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LOL that one's not half bad actually, if you take your scarlet glasses off....

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When Woody referred to TSUN, it was too avoid saying the name of the school.  But, when Hoke says "Ohio" he is using the name of an actual school that is not Ohio State.  It would be like us referring to them as Michigan St.

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But... calling them Michigan State would be considered an upgrade.

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It took me 3 years to get my wife to quit referring to the Bucks as OU.  It took me another year to get her to watch the games with me.  I even had her wearing Ohio State Hoodies.  Then we are out at the mall or something and she says look at this hat I got.  It was freakin Texas.  3 weeks ago we were driving through Tennessee and had a Vols hat in hand.  I said if you buy that hat we have some major problems, PUT IT BACK.  The mouth breather behind the counter looked both confused and enraged that I didn't want my wife wearing a hat that he had on as he was working!  I said why all the sudden do you want all these team's stuff.  Her reply,  "Orange is my favorite color" 

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Hokey Pokey is very clearly trying to revert to a past age. It might or might not work. I could care less. What I want to see is his reaction after a loss to tOSU.

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Few coaches had as much success in the series as Lloyd Carr, that is until Tressel came around.  It's going to take the next Bo for Michigan to get back some swagger in that rivalry.

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I tend to agree BTAlbert, but I also think there is a line that seperates *long winded/false/empty from legitimate/hard-nosed/real* in regards to this scenario.


M-Man posted below (well above after I post this) so I'll try to get his take.


Are these see-through words? How is he coming across? The second coming, or just great if it works with a very hesitant mentality?

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Honestly, I might not be the best judge.  Because I have been Davy Crockett on the walls of the Rodriguez Alamo.  I was pissed off that he was let go.

Hoke seems like a very nice guy.  And he is a genuinely well-liked guy.  I personally think the "Ohio" schtick is a bit dated.  I thought it was an actual "Ohio" thing.  Meaning one native to another.  Brady's from Kettering, Ohio.  And some of us are even less thrilled with countdown clocks, etc. 

There is some real serious anticipation surrounding Greg Mattison as new DC.  Even we Rodriguez loyalists couldn't wait for the season to end with that defense.  Things have begun to seep out, about the various discussions to bring Jeff Casteel to Ann Arbor at two or three different times during the Rodriguez years.  New AD Dave Brandon has publicly hinted that Michigan had not done right by failing to attract top coordinators with top dollars.  He would know.  The one single worst injustice done to Rodriguez (and that's a long list) might have been the failure to pay Jeff Casteel enough to make it impossible for him to say no to moving to Ann Arbor from Morgantown.  We were right to hire Rodrigez; we were crazy-stupid to give up on him without first getting Jeff Casteel in to coach a defense.

I don't mean to pick on Brady Hoke, but the Second Coming he ain't.  I think his main task will be to carefully manage expectations.  What he's got going for him right now (Zero losses) is an unbelievably favorable local press.  For all of the venom that the local papers spilled on Rodriguez, it is milk and honey for Hoke.  It's laughable; even Michigan fanatics are jaded by the new lovefest.

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I don't want for anyone to think I was suggesting he is the 2nd coming, I was more so hinting that it's going to take that to start besting Tress in this rivalry.  Before he came along Lloyd was a wizzard when it came to beating the Buckeyes. 

It seems to me that Rodriguez was set up for failure at Michigan from the word go.  He wasn't their first pick, you know Michigan better than I so maybe the cupboard was bare for him, he wasn't a Michigan Man, many people on the outside thought he was a shady character, and he had to set up a whole new system that Michigan wasn't used to.  Not to mention the lack of a great defensive coordinator.  All those factors in place, he was probably a bad hire.  There's no doubt he was a pretty hot commodity at the time of the hire though. 

All that being said, I don't think Hoke is the 2nd coming either, and you have to question hiring a guy who has less notoriety than Rich Rod coming in.  Its not to say he won't be great or good, but in the short term are his teams really going to be any different than Rich Rod's in the Wins and Losses category?  Probably not. 

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I don't think that national pedigree has all that much to do with it.  Our model for everything in the universe is of course Bo Schembechler.  Who arrived with Detroit sprotswriters saying "Bo Who?"  He came from Miami (Not That Miami) with a career at The Ohio State University prominently on his resume.  So people remember that.

And we're such snobs, we tend to think that West Virgina, besides being the place that Fielding Yost came from, is just Miami in different colors.  We sent Don Nehlen down there to teach them the foot-ball.

One thing you alluded to that needs clarification; when Rodriguez came to Michigan, he had invited Jeff Casteel, and Casteel said yes.  He was all set to come to Michigan.  Then WVU made Bill Stewart their permanent caretaker, and Casteel talked it over with his wife and they came to a (by all accounts) sincere family decision to stay in Morgantown and keep their two girls where they were in school.  Now that doesn't speak to the issue of, 'What if Michigan had offered Casteel 750k; double what he was making in West Virginny?'  And I think it is now clear that Michigan failed to do that.  Michigan might even have failed to do that twice.  And rumor is that the last time Michigan tried to get Casteel, with the sand shifting under Rocriguez's feet, Casteel's condition (not money -- they were already hauling out the big checks) was that Rodriguez be extended, so that Casteel knew that they'd have a few years to work.  And that's where it ended.  Or so the story goes.

Sorry to blabber on about your hated rival, but there may be some object lessons for your program somewhere in all of that.  (Not like we're needed to give the Tressel Administration lessons on how to succeed in the Big Ten.)