The Coach from Hoopeston

By Jason Priestas on March 19, 2011 at 4:15a

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Nice article, but I think Doug is wrong.  I think Buckeye fans think very, very highly of Thad Matta.  I wouldn't trade him for any coach in the nation.  I think he's every bit as good as coach K, but a lot funnier, a lot more human.  I value him as much as I do Tressel.

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"Hoopeston" Illinois?  LOL. I thought that is where all good b-ball players and coaches come from.

My question is: Are the residents of Hoopeston fans of the fighting Illini or The Ohio State Buckeyes?



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It was mentioned in the article that they are Illinois fans. Hence why it doesn't say "Ohio State coach Thad Matta" on the town entrance sign, just "Big Ten coach Thad Matta."

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It would help if I read the whole article.