Cicero Gives an Interview to ESPN

By Jason Priestas on March 11, 2011 at 4:04p

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Interesting, but unsurprising, that Cicero would only grant an interview to Chris Spielman.

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Way to sell Tressel out by saying his request for confidentiality wasnt meant for anything but the media--riiiiight. I guess thats why didnt ask for it the first time around and waitied until he had breached ABA ethics to ask for it.


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Agreed. Pretty unnecessary for him to throw Tress under the bus like that. Unless he specifically stated that "confidential" only means "no media or public" (which I did not see in the emails), it's very possible that someone on the other end of the correspondence could misinterpret everything. Dude is supposed to be a lawyer... if he's gonna pass around sensitive info like that you'd think he'd be more thorough with the specifics. Cicero could have also forwarded the emails to the AD as well. Messy situation all around.

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Total mess all around.

But the death threats will always be unwarrented.