Calipari on Ohio State

By Jason Priestas on March 22, 2011 at 12:38p

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I don't know about you guys, but I'm more than content with OUR team, not theirs.

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We've already had a final four banished from the record books, Coach Calipari.


Thanks, but no thanks.

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His point is valid though, basketball teams want to beat UK, UNC, Duke and Kansas.  It doesn't matter if it's a bad year or great year.  It's no different than the Buckeye Football team.  Every week we get the other team's best game, because we're the Buckeyes and it means something to beat Ohio State. It's a top 5 all time program.

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That doesn't mean people want to BE us. That entire concept is snide and homeristic to the max. Admitting that your opponent is very good and you want to beat them to add to your own legacy is normal, wanting to be another program, team, etc. is just ridiculous. 

My apologies to homers everywhere, but that mentality just doesn't exist.

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I think you may be looking too much into it.  Everyone wants their program to be at that level, I really think that's all he meant.  I would love for the Buckeye program to be that successful.   On this site and others I've seen this same kind of opinion when it comes to football.  We accuse haters of it all the time.  The reason they dont' like us is because they aren't us. I see that all the time.

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Right, and when we say it, it's just as silly.

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I'm glad Thad isn't out there making boastful statements like this. Man, I hope the Buckeyes spank that ass on Friday.

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Beat them, yes. Be them, not really.

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That Bruce Pearl is vanquished and this multiple offender is allowed to still coach is convoluted logic.

It is only a function of time before his insatiable inclination to be cheat will surface at Lexington.  Hiring him is tantamount to making a deal with the devil... gambling with your school's sense of decency.  

What is it about KY basketball that attracts the likes of Pitino & Calipari?  Horse tracks?



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Hi my name is Cross Village and I try really hard to beauty up my sentences by showing off my wide vocabulary. Also I defend Bruce Pearl in a sense, but chastise Jim Tressel? I think your logic is the messed up logic, big fella.

Seriously dude, I love me a good writer but this isn't a college level Honors English class.

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dude, i thought the same thing at first, then noticed what topic this is posted under... he was chastising Claipari, not Tressel

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Cross Village has chastised Tressel many times on here, you can look at his track. Me and him have butted heads one or two times.

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Just because you butted heads in the past is no reason to pick a fight now.  There's no need to get unpleasant without provocation like that.

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I'm not picking a fight. I see him defending Bruce Pearl after some of his comments on Jim Tressel, I've got to call him out. He's very smug and arrogant to anyone who shows support towards Jim Tressel.

EDIT: Not even support. If you don't want to crucify Jim Tressel this guy will tell you you have not even a shred of objectivity.

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Yea, man. And he uses WORDS to do it!!1! OMG what a dick!!

I see you being non-sequitur angry, I've got to call you out. You're very smug and arrogant to anyone who shows an expanded vocabulary.

See what I did there?


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Cross Village <3

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He most certainly acts like a dick on here, wouldn't know about real life though. Telling me how me how blinded I am when not wanting to put Tressel's head on a stick. He also has compared Bruce Hooley to Jesus. Real logical poster. Excuse me for having a bit of a beef with him, especially after his posting in what seems to be a defense of Bruce Pearl. My post on his vocabulary was more of a joke too, so take a chill pill and go grab a grandslam, Denny.

See what I did there?


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Honors English? For these words?


Those seem fairly common to me. 

If you have a problem with Cross, that's between you two, but this smacks of being a bit hypercritical.

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My comments on his vocabulary were more of a joke, even though I feel he looks dumb looking smart sometimes (i.e. That Bruce Pearl is fired, rather than vanquished, seems to a) make a lot more sense and b) be a much simpler of a way of getting his point across.

I guess you hang out with much smarter people than me while talking sports because I certainly don't hear my friends say those words too often. If I'm going to make a comparison between Calipari and a deal with the devil I guess I just say "equal to" or "equivalent." I guess I'm just a simple minded drone ;)

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Calipari is delusional.  Maybe years ago people wanted to be Kentucky...maybe.  Nobody has wanted to be UK for a decade or more.

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Matta once gave a quote (not sure what year) where he said that he wanted his basketball program to be like Kentucky.

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