Everybody Hates the Auburn Tree Killer

By Jason Priestas on February 23, 2011 at 6:50a

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I love how these guys can put aside their personal feelings about murder, rape, drug dealing, and robbery, but damned if they'll defend a guy who insulted their favorite college. Killing that tree was an *incredibly* shitty thing to do, but seriously guys.

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Nailed it!

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I think at least one of the public defenders had a conflict of interest with his wife on faculty at Auburn, but yeah, I agree with your point in a general sense.

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It doesn't seem to be as much about personal feelings as it is about the relationship both of these attorneys have to the University.  Being a professor at Auburn and being married to an employee of the university shows a potential conflict of interest.  Similarly, if they were assigned to defend someone accused of murder, rape or robbery and the victim was their wife's or their own employer, I imagine they would probably ask the court to be excused from that representation as well.

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Ah, the article I had read just said that he was a fan and a alumn, not that he had family working for the university. Still, all three of them did? Is that a requirement to be a public defender down there?

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I'm slightly amazed that some redneck didn't think of this before. (Optional word being "think".)

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