Aundrey Walker to USC

By Jason Priestas on February 1, 2011 at 8:15p

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It's unfortunate, especially considering he does everything else so well, but Tressel clearly has a hard time closing on some of these huge gets.

Let's hope Drayton helps turn that around.

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I agree, and it's not like the man can't recruit.  We always pick up some big time talent early in the process, and those who actually verbal (as opposed to lean) usually stick with the commit.  He just has a real problem with the hat-choosers at the end of the game.  With the exception of Pryor, I can't think of one big get choosing OSU within a week of signing day or beyond in the last 5 years.  If I'm brain farting on someone, let me know, but I'm drawing a blank.  Started to get a feeling when that no-star tackle scheduled a visit this weekend.  

  OSU goes the opposite direction it needs to go near signing day.  While the other top programs get a boost from the 4 and 5 star holdouts, we always seem to sign a couple of underwhelming players with a couple MAC offers when the ones we're drooling over go the other way.  I honestly don't think we get Curtis Grant, because being disappointed on signing day is the norm rather than the exception.  

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Sounds kind of familiar, doesn't it?  Jump out to fast start and hold on for dear life so you can squeak out ahead.  At least the man is consistent.

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you bring up some great points, there is only one player i can think of (in the last few years) who selected us during the "hat picking" stage and it was on National Signing Day in 2008: Lamaar Thomas (even though we all know how that ended). Thomas was a four-star recruit across all three services and ranked #33 overall in the Rivals Top 100.  He was sort of a surprise committment at the time according to the analysts at ESPN; as they thought he may go to in-state Maryland or even Illinois?!?

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Have fun accomplishing nothing teamwise in your career Audrey (I know it's Aundrey)!

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I guess they can't get every Glenville kid. Hopefully this isn't the beginning of a new trend. I just hope they close on Grant otherwise another year of Tressel Can't Close (and the accompanying frustration)

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good god why? WHY? Is the weather really so good that your willing to play for...ugh...Kiffin?

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because it's highly unlikely Kiffy-kins will be there his whole career.  That's gotta be pretty exciting, not knowing who you'll be playing for at the end of your career.  It's the same reason people play russian roulette :)

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One thing I try to do is to leave out the smugness and inflammatory nature that comes with college football fans (sometimes me) into a high school kid's decision on where he wants to go to college, even if that means holding back snide comments about Michigan, USC, or an SEC school.

That being said, I do believe Walker will regret this decision, unfortunately.

Oh, and just for kicks: WE DIDN'T WANT HIM ANYWAY!!!!!!!

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Is it disappointing? Sure. However, I'll take a 3 star who WANTS to be a Buckeye over a Seantrel Henderson. Plus, with how much Tress and his staff have proven over the years in the face of adversity, I'm done fretting about small time losses like Walker. We'll be fine.

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Did the staff very recently offer someone new (not Cardale Jones)?

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Can you say "Seantrel Henderson?"  I wonder if they have a way to get borderline student-athletes to pass their classes at USC?



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Walker is a bum anyway.  Slow and fat.

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He wasn't a bum 2 hours ago...

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when you choose to play for a dbag like Kffin while his team is enduring heavy NCAA sanctions over a coach like Tressel, you are a bum.

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I always thought he was a joke.  He won't even start there mark it down.

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Yeah Tampa, I recall a lot of people writing off another athlete who was seen as a "bum" and "slow and fat"...funny how that turned out.

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haha "actions speak louder than words"

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You never know with these kids.  Ill believe it when he send the NLI to USC.  Hoping its just another Glenville runaround.  If not, no big deal.  Good luck to the big guy.

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What time zone are these comments popping up in? Newfoundland?

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No no no that's much too far east, we are on Atlantic Standard Time...Nova Scotia. 

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I have a feeling that Cardale Jones wil be special.

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You know, me too. With some time to grow I think he could be a very underrated pick up. Now we just have to hope he comes here..'s picture

follow the money, Audrey.

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Ugh, can we please not resort to the old Tressel can't close comments and the We didn't want the kid anyway stuff too.  A lot of these kids he's apparently whiffed on are a trainwreck (Seantrel, Latwaan) or Ohio State has a guy in the fold the like just as much like last year when Hankins was committed and Floyd opted to go elsewhere.  Would you like to have both? Sure, but Hankins is going to be just as much of an impact player.  Also, losing guys like Jordan Hicks doesn't hurt that much when you know like clock work every year Ohio State has repeated had guys become great at the position whether they were 5 stars coming in or not.  So you miss on Walker, we have O-linemen coming in already.  This class was put together very well months ago, missing out on a couple guys last minute is not that big of a deal.  We aren't hemoraging recruits to other states.  The overwhelming majority of great players in Ohio come to Ohio State.  Once in a while you lose a guy. 

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Just FYI, I was joking and mocking when I said:

"Oh, and just for kicks: WE DIDN'T WANT HIM ANYWAY!!!!!!!"

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I wasn't referring to your comment.  It was pretty obvious to me yours was a joke.  It was meant to prempt the shitstorm of negativity we are going to put up with for the next couple of days.

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BT, thanks for your consistently level-headed comments.

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I do like me some Big Hank!

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i thought usc had a scholarship limit of like 10 less for three years for the bush situation and looked it up they already have 25 guys so i guess kiffy is ony gonna sign like 5 guys over the next two years what a joke. also does this open up a spot for sturdivant or the glenville wr along with the qb

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They're allowed to delay it until the appeal goes through. So he can recruit the full 25 this year, then drop to 15 the next three years, so it affects the next coach instead, lol

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I read this about Clowney on ESPN today:

"He's the biggest recruiting story since LeBron James."

Whether I'm saying this just because I'm an Ohio State fan or not, Terrelle Pryor's recruitment was a much bigger deal.

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Agreed. EVERYONE know who Pryor was and wanted to know where he was going. Helps that he was a QB tho.

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It's just hype so people will pay for premium recruiting info.  He's this year's big deal.  TP was by far a bigger deal, it drug out forever, he was supposed to be the next Best College Player ever, and he had 3 major programs as his final 3 choices.  He made Rivals and Scout a ton of money I'm sure.

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Yeah, how is a prospect (no matter how good) leaning towards South Carolina or Clemson a huge story? Not exactly national powerhuses.


Yes, I know Alabama is in the race, but aren't they in the race for every kid from the south with their class sizes?

Class of 2010

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If a kid is messed up enough to choose Kiffin over Tressel, it's probably a sign that we're better off without him. I want cerebral players (who can also ball).

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I'll believe it when the ink is dry.

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Inks dry. I believe it.

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For the record, didn't long snapper Bryce Haynes say Notre Dame was his "dream school"....and then he still signed with Ohio State. 

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Confirmed Walker is a Trojan

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I blame the weather.

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 He's from Cleveland Goonville, Small was a punk, Wynn and Sturdivant can't get their grades together and Anderson was a disaster last year. Ginn Sr. doesn't seem to be putting out guys like Smith or Hines anymore. Although Bryant does seem to be a stud. I'd rather take someone who would be dying to sport the Scarlet and Grey than Walker. Don't understand how any levelheaded recruit could pick USC right now considering all the sanctions they are facing.

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I made a comment a few weeks back that Glenville kids are hit or miss and lately they've been a lot of miss in terms of personality flaws.  I know nothing about Walker so don't think I'm saying this is the case with him, but the ones we've missed out on recently it's been a blessing.

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Yeah I know nothing of Walker so I'm not going to call him out and say he is a bum, it just seems like Glenville kids haven't been model citizens lately. Although getting Jones was a good pickup, he's dying to be a Buckeye, and he provides insurance in case Miller goes down, considering Miller has had injury problems in High School. It has been good that we have missed out on some Glenville kids though, Anderson would have been a severe headache.