OHSAA Proposes Big Changes to Playoff System

By Chris Lauderback on January 14, 2011 at 12:26p

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OHSAA is going to ruin the best things (football and b-ball tournaments) in Ohio high school sports by trying to be feeley good pc.

Long live the southend.

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It's about time.  Private schools, especially at the smaller levels, have had an unfair advantage for too long.

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I can vouch for this, my HS was a private Catholic school in Columbus and at Division V they faced almost no real competition at all until maybe the state semi finals. It gives our school a big superiority complex and it's annoying because everyone knows that if we actually played a level that fit us we wouldn't be so awesome.

What is worse is that every other sport besides football plays Division III.

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It would seem like they don't need anything like this messy complex system.

Just start out as the number of enrollees like usual, and do a running average of performance over a couple years. If you're always winning, you go up a division, and you keep going up until you stop always winning. If you're always losing, you go down a division. It's how they handle most rec leagues and it seems to work fairly well.

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I think this "public vs. private" mentality is a bad thing. What the anti-private(mostly anti-Catholic) people say is: "Catholic schools cheat because they recruit." Well, I've seen where kids want to go to a particular public school, because said school has been successful lately, and they "live" with a relative in that particular public school district. This happens all the time. And don't forget, public schools have a built in advantage because they get gubment monies for facilities, equipment, etc.

Here in Toledo, Start H.S.(public) was very successful in baseball a few years ago, and EVERY kid that was even halfway decent was trying to get in that district. Now, with football, it's Whitmer H.S. It goes both ways, folks.

I think this is just anti-Catholic prejudice, and appealing to those who constantly complain.



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While that may be true, private schools recruit like it's a junior college. Free tuition to come play ball for us. Give me a break..