Michigan, Les Miles to Chat

By Jason Priestas on January 8, 2011 at 10:26p

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For me, Ohio State-Michigan began with "The Ten-Year War."

If you didn't experience that, Les Miles - who, with Dave Brandon - played for "The Blue" in that era, will...I have no doubt...revive the war.

What does that mean?

It means that people - under the age of 21 - will endure cardiac events, akin to those over 40, during "Michigan Week."

"Leslie Edwin Miles played football, baseball, and wrestling (do you play wrestling?) at Elyria High School." 

Yeah, Les Miles is from Elyria...OHIO:


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Les Miles to Michigan ensures another 3 or 4 years of bad play.  He's not the guy to bring them back.

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My assessment of Les Miles as UM's coach matches Brian at MGoBlog's:  Miles is too old to be the long term solution (57) at UM, he has a bad habit of picking up NCAA violations, he's embraced and adopted SEC sensibilities about oversigning/forced greyshirts, and he's shown an erratic grasp of clock/game management, which is probably the last thing that Michigan's stressed out fanbase wants to worry about right now.  That said, Miles has a good track record recruiting SEC country and that area is the source for the majority of the 4 and 5 star players these days.  Recruiting blue chip prospects is the fastest way to bring Michigan back to relevance.  I think Miles would be a good short-term, get-Michigan-back-on-its-feet hire, but he will not provide the one to two decade stabilizing tenure that many at UM will want. 

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He has recruited SEC country well but he has been in or near SEC country for what 8 years now?  At LSU he's in the heart of SEC country.  He has a state with decent high school football and is next to Texas.  At Oklahoma state, he was able to pull talent from Texas as well.  I do agree that he has been able to recruit well, but I have to think you and I could pull good recruits to LSU as well.  I'm not saying he won't be able to use relationships he's made to recruit to Michigan, but it's going to be hard to convince a kid from New Orleans who has always grown up an LSU fan to forget about the Tigers and come to Ann Arbor.

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I think he'll blunt the discord over his "shelf life-due-to-age" with true blue enthusiasm. Miles is a legacy guy. The zeitgeist up there can be coined in a phrase - "Michigan Man."

When you lose consistently, you look back a your better times. Michigan fans are all about this, now. So, in walks a guy who played for Bo and coached for Bo. Plus, he beat us to win the MNC.

He'll fire them up...and us, by proxy. 

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I for one, would find it quite entertaining to have this guy on the opposite sidelines doing such shenanigans of which can be described with these youtube videos:




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This clearly exemplifies the fact that Miles is a character. We love characters.

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LMAO, those were awesome

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Big question if they go with Miles is who's the OC? What did Brandon mean by 'work with the existing talent?' Miles could be a good hire, but they're a little conflicted on offense (like us).