Inside a College-Football Tragicomedy

By Jason Priestas on January 6, 2011 at 1:56p

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that was a great read

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Guess I'm going to have to wait for the book because this must only be the teaser.  Good points, but I'd like a little more reflection or substance.

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Indeed -- I am very impressed by you guys.  Nothing gets past you.  I was going to ask the 11W staff if they'd mind posting the link.  Thanks, Jason.

John U. Bacon's a tremendous guy.  He's a bookwriter (obviously).  He's also a contibutor, a la Frank Deford, to Michigan Public Radio.  And he teaches what might be the most sold-out class in the college of Literature, Science and the Arts called History of Sportswriting.  He's not tenured faculty (he's a Lecturer), and he's not connected with the Athletic Department at all, which is a separate corporate entity from the rest of the University.

I hope it did not escape anybody's attention, that John wasted no time in pointedly mentioning the destructive and invalid reporting by the Detroit Free Press that led to the NCAA investigation, which in turn led to what must be the most 'nothing' "Major Violations" in the history of the NCAA.

I think John undersells the destructive power of the astonishingly negative press that Coach Rodriguez fell victim to in Michigan.  But I can take that up with him the next time I sit with him for dinner, which may not be until next December.  By then, I'll have read his book, which I will no doubt devour.  

John's previous book, "Bo's Lasting Lessons" is permanently at my bedside, with a new addition this year -- Jim Tressel's "The Winners Manual."

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It is clear that the powers-that-be in Ann Arbor had it out for RichRod from the start (at least some of them), but it is also clear that his offense isn't quite as good as rumored. Anytime Michigan faced a team with a pulse on defense, they struggled to score. After the first five games this year (against the Sisters of the Poor), teams saw how Robinson ran the offense and it became much easier to stuff them.

I did appreciate how the author wrote about the demanding workload of college athletes. Think about that the next time you hear someone talk about their "free" education.

To err is human. Really sucking requires having yellow stripes on your helmet.