Hoke Hires a Defensive Coordinator

By Jason Priestas on January 18, 2011 at 7:07p

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Johnny Ginter's picture

i mean, i want them to be better, but not THAT much better

Nick's picture

Look at those delusional fans... Coordinators are gonna magically turn their shitty players into good ones on defense?

Johnny Ginter's picture

honestly? yes. with mattison it's possible. the dude is legit.

Nick's picture

I can see them getting better but I don't see them being in the top4 defenses in conference next season.

KenK's picture

Not with what he has to work with. Give him a few recruiting classes, probably, not now.

Johnny Hooker: "He's not as tough as he thinks". Henry Gondorff: "Neither are we".

tomcollins's picture

No, but he's going to have to work with good recruits instead of shitty ones going forward. He will mean little in the next year (other than not being terrible).  Michigan's D would be a lot better next year, even with GERG, so he'll get a ton of credit for it (even though it would have happened anyway).  But Michigan as a "We Play Badass D" much like the Ravens is going to make things a lot more competitive.  I'd MUCH rather have a great d and shitty offense than great offense and shitty d in college.

thedecline19's picture

As a Ravens fan I have been able to witness Mattison up close for a bit.  He's a good enough coordinator however his defensive playcalling left a little to be desired.  Additionally, while I agree the D was old, they did regress over the past year or so even more than was to be expected. 

Is he better than GERG?  Undoubtably. We'll see how everything goes when his linebackers and safetys are 3 star recruits not Ray Lewis and Ed Reed though.