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By Jason Priestas on January 24, 2011 at 11:11p

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The #BRShakespeare results are pretty funny, but they, and your comment, make one glaring error -- The BR letter that references Olivier actually compares its competition to the great actor, and compares itself (BR) to the movie industry.  The Sports Bank got it wrong in its headline and write-up, and everyone else has apparently gone with that rather than actually reading the BR letter.  I'm no fan of BR and what they do is schlocky at best, but one shouldn't call them out essentially for bad journalism, and then commit bad journalism in said call-out.  Jason, this isn't directed at you so much as The Sports Bank and the people who started the hashtag.

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Good clarification. But since this is a tribute to B/R, we'll let the error stand.

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Olivier was such a great actor that he actually made a movie after he that's acting.   BTW, he was also the spokesman for is money.