Another Sugar Bowl Video

By Alex on January 13, 2011 at 9:30a

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Bucks's picture

Love it :)

Plus, one of my favorite plays was right at 0:58

Over the years, I have watched some of these teams step on and generally just come in with the we own buckeyes mentality. It has always sickened me to not see a response fitting.

On the play before that one above, Herron carried for minimal gain and I watched as he got feet to his chest. Wondered how this team would react to that type of play.

Boom came right back, got outside and instead of hitting the ground right at the marker or allowing himself to be rushed out of bounds, he lowered himself and drove that dude 10 yards deeper.

THAT was what I needed to see to know this game was not going to be the ones of old.

flipbuckeye's picture

Nice.  I'll try to come out of retirement and make my own highlight video, but my recording got cut off just a few seconds after the INT.  Didn't expect the game to take that long.  I'll still try to put something together.