Tater Tot Academically Ineligible for Bowl

By Jason Priestas on December 31, 2010 at 8:36a

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Jeff @ Fox Sports Ohio's picture

This means one thing...the first time a strong breeze blows through the Gator Bowl on Saturday, Michigan will be forced to blow their redshirt status of Devin Gardner.

Denny's picture

But, his back hurts!


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"I've never been the greatest student," Forcier told the newspaper. "I was always the kid who was street smart but not that smart classroom-wise."


yeh gotta keeps it real at mater dei high school in san clemente, cali.  never know when some other white bread yuppie is gonna jack your seer sucker pants.


Joe Beale's picture

Translation: "I'm lazy".

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Mater Dei = Santa Anna and neither Tater Tot nor his brothers attended there, just FYI. Not sure what you were trying to say there though.

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Street smart...on Sesame Street maybe.

Right now the bowl records stand.. SEC 0-3, Big11Ten 2-0.   Let's pray for good trends to continue into the new year.