Pure Southern Garbage

By Jason Priestas on December 28, 2010 at 11:49a

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Wow.  My favorite part of the article is when one of the comments accuses Herbie of silencing the people at ESPN about the tOSU suspensions.  These people exist on a mayfly's news cycle.

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If any compliance office in America should've been educating its football players about the evils of extra benefits, it was Ohio State's. Yet the school has argued that the current players didn't know that selling their stuff was against the rules.

How do you argue against that? I'm struggling to think any different. I'm not so sure this is garbage, but more hypocricy than anything. Maybe that's what you meant by garbage.  I can tell you that it hurts to read this. Sure you can sink to their level and throw punches and say something like "What about Cam Newton's Dad falling on the sword?" Or you could say something about glass houses, but that doesn't make what these kids and then what our AD did go away. For me, I am embarrassed by this and I don't think there is a right way for Tressel to fix the mess his players and his AD put him in.  He can play them and catch hell or not play them and catch hell.  If he doesn't play them he isn't giving the team the best chance of winning and it hurts the entire team.  If he does play them, then the world can say we won (if we win) with cheaters and that the kids didn't learn an important life lesson.  Catch 22.

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If he does play them, then the world can say we won (if we win) with cheaters and that the kids didn't learn an important life lesson.

The "world" can say whatever the hell they want to say. They are going to hate Ohio State no matter what happens. How is playing players that have played all season long and were told by the NCAA that they could play, "cheating?"

Personally, I don't like the fact that they sold these things(as Tress said, they should be highly valued), but if a kid is not able to sell his or her own belongings, then is this still the USA or is it the USSR?

If this is against NCAA rules, maybe the rules neend to be changed.



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They aren't cheaters. They are just idiots. Unless there is a new ink that contains HGH or Anabolic steroids. I get infurriated when people use the term "cheater". Especially SEC backers when they know full well UF covered up Newton's acedemic cheating until he starting putting up rediculous numbers at a rival school. The SEC pays for every title they win in every sport. Mike Slive is a putrid snake that deserves to be anally raped repeatedly for his involvement in raping the sport of college football.

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

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Cheaters? No, but they'll say we cheated by playing players who are should be ineligible.

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Glad at least a few weighed in on this homer's rant, little substance, all opinion, all SEC. Cam Newton is just like Terrel Pryor, two kids who bought off on the "sports as a way to riches" dream.

I have an idea, let's not gig the players, leave the schedule and participation as is, how about making the coach and AD (to include AU/SECs folks for Newton) cough up some $$$ instead. We keep seeing them getting incentive payments for winning and bowls, how about some disincentive payments for your program not taking care of compliance business. 


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So then can we all safely assume Auburn cheated this entire season? And cheated to win the NCG? Cause, by that logic, they are just as guiltt, if not more for allowing him to play. Auburn is going to SMASH Oregon. But they wont be seemed cheaters in the South? Seriously effed up logic right there.

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

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Seriously, the ONLY reason Cam Newton was left elligible for this game is because TCU went undefeated and would have a shot to win the title.  You can't have a non AQ school win the BCS title.  There would be no point in having a BCS if a non BCS school is allowed to win the title.  Next year, or in the off season, or 2 years from now when they complete the investigation and the school gets nailed like USC did, and Cam hands back his Heisman, it will be ok to call them cheaters.  Until then, we have to watch Auburn and Oregon, listen to that stupid chant, and see UK and Vandy fans act all big dicked because of another school's accomplishments.

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I agree with that this author is coming off like a professional hypocrite.

I'm just trying to find a right way to deal with this myself. I want the program I invest so much in to do the right things. I'm sure we all do. I am finding it very, very difficult to believe after all the infractions the school reports on itself and all the trouble kids have gotten into before that the Tat5 didn't know they couldn't sell those items. It feels like the AD just pulled that out of his hat o' tricks so the kids could play in the Sugar Bowl.

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I know I read either in the article or comments that we have a QB with no moral fiber, but then they defend Cam Newton.  We can debate all we want about whether it's not morally right to sell trophies you earned and owned, but can't really argue about the moral fiber of someone who knowingly possessed stolen property.  I would say the author and many of the commenters are hypocritcal sure, but Id' rather have a QB that sold his gold pants then one who will have to give back a Heisman. 

One other takeaway I got from the comments is, Auburn and Bama fans freakin hate eachother.  I honestly don't know if 2 schools, including OSU/Michigan, have the hate for eachother that Bama and Auburn fans have.  First you see them put about about 1200 comments on an Oregon blog, then you have Bama fans kind of defending TP just to be contrary to Auburn fans.   I'm not saying it's a better rivalry, but I do think their fans have more hate for eachother than any other 2 groups of fans.

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I think people don't understand that Ohio State leads the country in SELF reported violations. That means they don't hide their transgressions. This guy is a nobody trying to ruffle feathers. Living in MS, I read junk like this everyday.

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And I think his whole point of bringing that up is to say that because of that it is very likely they knew what they were doing was wrong.

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This article is laughable and also very sad.  Unfortunately, SEC followers believe all their teams are on the up and up, even if evidence appears to prove otherwise.  



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The whole article was based off of Terrelle getting extra benefits. He wasn't even one of the guys that got extra benefits! Next time I hope that author checks his facts. Pryor is suspended only for selling his 2008 Big Ten Championship Ring, his 2008 Gold Pants, and his 2009 Fiesta Bowl Sportsmanship Award.