Greg Davis Out at Texas

By Jason Priestas on December 6, 2010 at 12:32p

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Looks like that was handled with class. Hey Gene, look and learn, and give Bollman an early retirement package for christmas!

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Texas is 5-7. We are 10-2 and have had 10 wins or more in every season since 2004 with 6 straight Big Ten Championships.

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Texas had a ton of 10-win seasons in a row too. What's your point?  Wait until we fail, then make a move?  Texas fans have been calling for his head for years.  BUT WE HAVE TEN WIN SEASONS!  WE CANT FIRE GREG DAVIS!

Who was right in this one?

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Wait until we fail, then make a move?

No, you know what we should do? We should fire 'em all! F**k the success! We want more! You know why? Because we're spoiled little vegas brats in your case who think they know what the hell they are talking about. Gene Smith and Jim Tressel know what they are doing (See: Continued Success). I will start being skeptical if the time is ever right. The best part is that you guys think firing Bollman will create some monumental shift in the offense. NEWSFLASH: This is Jim Tressel's offense, not Bollman's.

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Were Texas fans who wanted Davis fired the last 5 years spoiled brats?

Were they wrong to fire him now?

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To your first part, if that is the case, then yes they were.

To your second part, I wouldn't say they were wrong this time, but with the recruits Texas has and can easily get, I may have waited.

Anyways, what's your point? You really think something like this is going to happen to us in Tressel's tenure? Get real, just because it happened to Texas means absolutely nothing to our future.

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My point is you can't use the bullshit "10 win" argument, because Texas had the exact same thing (Although in a harder conference for a longer period of time).  Texas used it, kept Greg Davis 5 seasons too long, and suffered an absolute joke of a season due to it.

Just because it won't happen doesn't mean it should.  It should have happened a lot earlier to Texas.  But there were too many people who believed the "10 wins = immunity from criticism", just like around here.

If we can improve the team, I don't care if we have 1 win or 5 straight national titles, we should do it.  If you believe we wouldn't be a better team by getting an offensive coordinator and running something other than Dave every other play, then fine.  But don't let success against inferior competition inspire complacency.

Remember, we started with 2 3 and outs against Michigan.  2 in the entire game should be considered a failure.  Even when we had huge weapons on offense, we haven't executed well against top teams.  Our defense has been our strength and offense has been good enough.  Why not make it better if we can?

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I'd settle for an offensive line and QB coach with a D-1 or NFL resume. Ever since I was a freshman at OSU in 2001, it's been year in and year out of underperforming 4 and 5 star offensive linemen. I don't even mind the playcalling that much, I love the security of knowing once we have a lead we aren't going to fuck it up with horrible play calling.

But, we recruit top talent year in and year out, should have a top offensive line. Iowa and Wisconsin do it year in and year out, are they getting that much better talent?

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Michigan came out in a 4-3 defensive look with Roh as a down lineman that they hadn't shown all year.  I suspect that we had schemed on rushing right over their 3-3-5 defense that they had employed the vast majority of the year.  Michigan made a smart defensive scheme shift that they probably should have made much earlier in the year.  It took a few series for the OSU offensive coaches to make adjustments, but they eventually did and we led 24-7 at the half.  Tressel could have easily had the highest margin of victory over Michigan in the history of the Ohio State program (besting 50-14 and 42-7).  But he pulled off (wisely, perhaps; a complete ass kicking might have given Dave Brandon enough cover to fire Rich Rod after the game, hire Harbaugh right away, and not engage in this dance he's doing.  I suspect Tressel wants to keep Rich Rod on the opposing sideline because Rich Rod does an awful job recruiting Ohio and tends to go after players that Ohio State doesn't find desirable).