Gee: "I need to keep my mouth closed."

By Jason Priestas on December 2, 2010 at 11:24a

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Finally, I agree with a football related E. Gordon Gee public statement in full.

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You've got to appreciate a guy who is humble enough to admit when he makes mistakes.

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Yes, he should definitely not comment on college football, because blunt truth is too vulgar for sophisticated folks like us.  We would much rather hear comfortable bromides from the Mark Mays of the world.  Facts are for the hoi polloi.

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His quotes are hilarious. 

And we'll drink to old Ohio, 'Til we wobble in our shoes! 

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I don't really care what the Saragran rankings spit out, I'm not convinced that their schedules were harder than Ohio State's or even comparable.  Oregon State was terrible.  Va Tech was about the same as Miami, and I'm not convinced that, even though they are ranked, Nevada is better than Michigan, Penn State or Iowa.  I think TCU had an even easier road.   I'm not saying that Ohio State had an elite schedule, but Indianna is a 7 win team playing either of those team's schedules.

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I totally agree.  Although I am on record stating that BSU is really good (yes I believe that, and I was relunctant for a while), I do not put too much stock in the sagarin SOS rankings.  I am not sure what all goes into his metric, but I know vegas would probably like IA over Nevada today (or it would be a push).  IA was not even close to winning the big ten this year, and Nevada is right there at the top of its confence. 

Simply looking at the raw number of wins and loses of the teams you played does not tell the entire story, and that data is all that is normally used in those SOS rankings. Our schedule was harder by a wide margin, end of story.   

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So Gee issues an apology after Boise State tanks it?  Gee is a smart man and doesn't speak unless he's got something to say.  He has an agenda and sticks to it.  That's why he's the prez.

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Boise State tanked it, and TCU got in bed with a "very fine" conference called the Big East. Within days of Gee's statement. :)

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Gee is a great president, but he knows absolutely nothing about sports. Hopefully he learned his lesson and shut up. I highly doubt it, though. He manages to insert his foot into his mouth once a year. 

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He's still better than Holbrook, and we love him for that

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+1, she literally came from satan's chamber

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I still fondly remember her getting booed at the victory celebration for the National Champion Buckeyes at the 'Shoe in January of '03.


She reminds me a lot of Rich Rod.... Getting shoved into a position where she knows nothing of the history or culture of the program she's trying to lead.

Scotch: It may be too early to drink it, yes; but people it is never to early to think about it.

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I don't see Craig James or Mark May apologizing !

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Or Nick Saban, Les Miles, Colin Cowherd just this morning, Gary Danielson etc.

Read what John Feinstein wrote about Gee and Gee's response to him.  Really good stuff.