Cam Newton Ruled Eligible by NCAA

By Jason Priestas on December 1, 2010 at 2:29p

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I'm hoping it's just a temporary pass due to lack of hard evidence at this point.

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i dont understand... isnt the rule that if your parents receive money then the player is automatically ineligible?

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The NCAA is essentially saying that Cam didn't know about the dealings, so he's cleared to play.  Naturally this opens up a can of worms -- how many other handlers will negotiate on behalf of a star athlete while claiming the athlete doesn't know anything about the proceedings?

I still think this is far from over, but this ruling today was confusing to say the least.

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Yeah, I really don't see how this works at all. It's not even a slap on the wrist.

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Yeah they are ruling this way to appease the SEC and Auburn.  This way Cam can get the Heisman, not lose on a technicality and all will be right until sometime next year when they realize the kid had to know his dad was up to no good.  That's not just something they keep quiet, especially when Cam was trying to pick his school. 

I hope South Carolina puts a thumping on them this weekend and we can forget about them being in the mix anyway.

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this is esss eee ceee football at its best. like he didnt know what his old man was doing wtf. remeber the qoute "sorry miss state i gotta go to auburn the money is to much" i hope that the old ball coach bombs those punks out of atlanta. besides one wisconsin game this has been a good season overall besides th sec crap. i would hate that a year from now if they do win tcu is bitching becuase they never got their shot because of auburn. also if it is found money did exchange in this crap i say the ncaa has got to go SMU on them.

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I agree with others that it is very unlikely Newton had no idea that his dad was pimping him out to the highest bidder. However, if (somehow) it is true that he was completely in the dark about his dad's request for money, then the NCAA got it right and didn't punish a kid for what another person did.   It would be the right result.  So many times the NCAA seems to make bizzare and unfair rulings, but this would be a case where it got it right.

Without any evidence to show he was ever involved in any conversations or ever sent a texted about it or was ever with anyone proven to be involved in asking for money, there isn't enough evidence to show he knew. 

Although, again, my Bull Shit detector is on "high" with respect to that story.  

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Ugh, I really want to go off. Let me just say that if Dillon Baxter has to be ineligable and pay 5$ for a golf cart ride, and Cam Newton gets off like this. Its just shit, horseshit that's what it is. I can't even express my hate for the NCAA. Its unfathomable. I think they are the worst non-government organization, they're bastards. They are the scum of all sports. Basically, EFF THE NCAA AND LONG LIVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL.

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The consensus of these posts is that everyone is pretty disgusted with this ruling.  While blogging about it soothes the soul it may not do much to remedy the situation. 

Mark Emmert is the new President of the NCAA. His email address  

Please take the time to drop him a note on your feelings on this decision - but keep it clean or your email will be automatically deleted. 

Pass this email around to all of your friends.  If enough of us remind him of his responsibilities in cases like this maybe the NCAA will actually change.  Might be improbable, but it is worth a try. 

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So how many games did Pops get suspended for?

Long live the southend.