Bad News Continues for Iowa

By Jason Priestas on December 13, 2010 at 6:48p

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This was in the comments section on deadspin:

sending request

There are close to 6000 people logged onto the football page at Hawkeye Report right now. Rumor is that the cops took a laptop belonging to DJK that had "customer information" on it that included several football players. Because of that, the school called for random drug tests which the majority of offensive starters failed.

Wait until Stanzi finds out his teammates were drugged out hippies/potential socialists........

And can't we get Ferentz another Big Ten Coach of the Year for leading a bunch of dudes on blow to a 7-5 record?

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Ferentz doesn't just do more with less, he does more with pot/crack heads than most coaches do with their 5 star recruits! (Jim Tressel you listening?) Quite frankly Jim, I'm tired. I'm tired of defending you to the people. I am tired of defending you to ESPN. I'm tired Jim. Where is this HOPE you promised us?!?

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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What the hell are you talking about? Does more with pot/crack heads? Have you watched Iowa's season?

These are the types of comments that make a fraction (a slight, slight fraction) of my heart want Ohio State to struggle post-Jim Tressel. I'm so sick of our spoiledness. Maybe if we struggle again you can realize what it really means to be "tired of it."

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Yeah, just changed my Iowa pick on the Bowl Mania.

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Excuse me Sir, but all of that was sarcasm..... Point 1 Iowa fans always claim that Ferentz does more with less and that is why he wins coach of the year and deserves it over JT. (Which I don't agree about) The pot/crack/alcoholic comments are testimony of all the issues they have been having there for even longer than this year. And the last comment is tongue in cheek for the speech the lady gave Obama at the press conference. Take note of the capital HOPE reference. Do you have a sense of humor sir? I'll take my appology now..thanks!

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.