2010's Mr. Football for the State of Ohio Is...

By Jason Priestas on December 1, 2010 at 6:55p

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Sounds like a solid kid.  Do the Bucks have any interest or is he too small?  How big is James at Oregon?  That dude looks small and seems to do well not running against a Big 10 D all year.

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Dane ain't much bigger than this kid, and look what he's accomplished. I hope Tress offers him.



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We've been burned before by dudes who loved Ohio State, we didn't offer, and they went somewhere else and exacted revenge.  Brewer from USC comes to mind.  If he goes to Wisconsin and comes back to haunt us, we'll not like it.  In my mind, you offer the Mr. Football in Ohio.  Just goes with locking up the state.  That said, especially if Berry stays, we've got a lot of RBs next year.  However, if Archie's play 35 years ago was the SOLE REASON that his son gets a football scholly, at least this kid earned it himself.

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Braxton Miller was robbed. This kid plays for a d5 school that sandbags every year so they can win state titles, and they do. Another catholic school who can control their enrollment throug "placement testing". Once again goes to show thie bias attitude of the ohsaa, favoring clevelan and columbus area schools. what a joke.

Tyrell Sutton #2, no midgets please.

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I dont understand.  Ursuline is in Youngstown.  Last time I checked (this post) Cincinnati has Moeller, St. Xavier, and Elder among others who are constantly ranked in the top in the state.   St X won it a couple of years ago over Mentor.

No argument on the Catholic schools advantage though.

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I don't know how much of an advantage they have.  I live in NKY and "public" schools like Beechwood and Ft. Thomas Highlands have consistently had kids who didn't live in district come to their schools and play football.  And those teams have consistently dominated their divisions in Kentucky high school football.  They do have an advantage in that, they really have no district, but there public schools will let kids from out of district come for a small price.  Also, schools like Elder and St. X have multi-generations going there.  If you go around Price hill at all or Western Hills in general, people are bred to go to Elder.  They have purple baby clothes, and season tickets.  Kids are born to go to Elder and play whatever sport their grandpa did, and their dad, and all their uncles.  It's not like they are recruiting kids from Dayton and Columbus to come play for them. 

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Our cup runneth over with RBs, it would be a wasted scholie. He may go elsewhere and come back to burn us for yards, but good for him if he does. Probably won't see the field at Wisky either tho. Good luck at the Nati where you will lose to TCU in the Big East Title game in 2012.

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It makes no sense to me to offer Mr Football just because.  There is a long list of Ohio Kids who obviously project to be better college players than him.  If he burns us in a game so be it.  You can't offer everyone.  I think Miller, Grant, Bennet, and others are much more significant to offer than a small RB who will likely not see the fied.