OSU Looking to Add Permanent Lights to the Shoe

By Jason Priestas on November 30, 2010 at 11:15a

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i miss the old lights around the inner bowl where the ring of honor is now. always looked kinda cool when they turned them on for the special night game or the late season 330 kick

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permanent lighting at the shoe is like having sex with kobe bryant - you can fight it all you want, but its going to happen.

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im all for more night games

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Didn't Michigan just do this? Obviously we are going to have to match them or we would be inferior...and we can't have that.

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We did.  They are fusion-powered lights, operating off dilithium crystals maintined in synchronous earth-orbit satellites, transmitting energy via microwaves to Ann Arbor.  So yeah, something for you to keep up with...

Seriously, we did just complete a permanent-lights project that was begun immediately after our last home game (Wisconsin) and timed to be completed before The Big Chill hockey game to be staged in the Big House in early December.

The potential notion of ugly old-fashioned stadium light towers (think 1950's baseball park) was off-putting; I'm glad to say that what we got was a single low line of lights on top of both of the new concourses, which are largely invisible from outside the Stadium.  I'm not enamored of more night games, or any interference with the re-done architecture.  Our new lights were a kind of pleasant surprise in those regards.

Also, I think that with the new luxury suites and the Stadium Club facilities, it might just be that the Michigan Atletic Department is going to feature the Stadium's use in more fundraising activites outside of football Saturdays.  Nice to have it all lit for nighttime functions.

Much better than that cellphone picture are some nice nighttime aerials (apparently not yet web-hosted), in a Message Board thread at MGoBlog:


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My wish list:

First, permanently uninstall that kid with the microphone who tries to organize the galactically stupid "LET'S... GO... BUCKS!" cheer during the third quarter, and the horrifically non-traditional announcement of Hang On Sloopy at the end of the third quarter.

Secondly, with all seriousness, there needs to be a major upgrade to the sound system in the stadium. Trying to project all the sound from the south scoreboard has not worked well from the get go.

Permanent lights seems like a decent idea.