Hollywood Fanfare

By Keith on November 2, 2010 at 1:20p

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John Legend, music dude

Richard Lewis, comedian

(prolly reaching on both of them)

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Vince Vaughn (actor)

Patricia Heaton (actress)

Melina Kanakarides (actress)

O.A.R.  (musical group)

Rascal Flatts (musical group)

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I thought Heaton had sort of a disgust for Ohio State? 

Vaughn I thought was ND?

Forgot about Melina but wasn't aware she was  sports fan.  Knew she attended.

Good call on OAR and RF

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Vaughn was standing on the sidelines of the OSU-USC game in the Shoe last year and was shown on the Jumbotron with an OSU shirt on.

Heaton and Kanakarides are grads.  Not sure if they are sports fans, I guess. 

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IIRC, Vaughn was in an OSU shirt because he was there with Will Farrell, who was decked out in USC gear (i.e., Hollywood balance, so to speak).  I don't think VV's an OSU fan, but I could be wrong.

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He is a OSU fan, his dad was born in Zanesville and is a huge buckeye fan and he says he was born into the buckeye family that way....



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Cool.  I've read a few of his tweets.  He talks about the Buckeyes quite a bit.

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John Legend is a huge Buckeye fan.  He was on Mike and Mike last year talking about it.  He is from Springfield.

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Josh Radnor aka Ted Moseby

"2014 National Champions...deal with it!!!"

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Kinda a deuche, but he wears an OSU shirt on the show at times.  His character is from Ohio too.

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The Official DDS of 11W

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"Just bow up and go out and play." ~ D. Lee

"As it stands right now, I know I am the best athlete in college football." ~ B. Miller

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I once saw Bow Wow and his mom standing on 14th street near the Newport by their tour bus.  Word to the wise:  Bow Wow's mom is HAWT.

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T-1000.  He played football at BGSU and is on the record as a big fan.  He also is made of a liquid alloy.

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Figured he would have gotten some OSU interest.  Couldn't pass NCAA clearinghouse with transcripts from 2030?  I could see how there may be a steep learning curve and all, considering his CPU isn't a neuro-net processor, a learning computer.

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I've seen Sammy Hagar wear an OSU hat on stage before and in Michigan no less.  He is the "Red Rocker".

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The Official DDS of 11W

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Anthony DiNozzo from NCIS!! LOL. He played for the Ohio State basketball team that went to the final four in some year... There is a hilarious episode in NCIS where he is getting calls from a 614 area code that he finds out is the sperm bank he "donated" to back in college while at OSU.

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Good one...looked it up and saw you meant his character not the actual guy! Losing in the Fianl Four to UCLA, huh? What about Johnny Utah and "FootSteps" Falco?

"2014 National Champions...deal with it!!!"

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Hmmm...I"m thinking the Dinozzo character was supposed to have been a wide receiver.

Long live the southend.

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No way. If true, that's awesome.

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he was born in DC, but he's lived in yellow springs off and on since he was a kid, and i think that's where he lives now. in his block party movie, he invites some old family friends from ohio to the event in NYC and it's pretty hilarious to see them there and partying

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Yeah his dad was a professor at antioch and he owned two homes there just a few years ago.  I have seen him a handful of times at the Winds eating breakfast.  Really approachable guy, even though the locals left/leave him alone.  Not seen him in a few years, though, so I guess he is gone now.  

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Weird, totally off the wall story about Dave Chappelle.   On Thanksgiving day about 5 years ago, I was traveling from Dublin to Delaware on 745.  (People who know this area will know the roads and stops I mention next)  At the Home Rd 4 way stop, I look in my rear view mirror and notice a guy who looks like Chappelle.  I can't be for sure but think to myself - 'maybe' - I  knew he lived in Ohio.

Next stop is Route 42 and I roll down my back window of my 4Runner to get a better look and sho-nuff, it's Chappelle driving a PT Cruiser.  He had a car full of people.  My 99% certainty was pushed to 100% when I then noticed the two cars behind PT Cruiser were stretch limos.   

He followed me in all the way to Rt 37 at which time I turned and he continued on the windy road along the Scioto.  

Where the hell he was going I have no clue.

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keanu reeves twice played former OSU quarterbacks, not sure if he's actually a buckeye fan or not though

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Golfer Jim Furyk is also a big Buckeye fan.  He was on the sidelines when OSU won the MNC in 2002.

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Wasn't George Steinbrenner also an OSU fan?

Long live the southend.

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Sure was. He was a grad asst under Woody for a year. He remained a huge Buckeye fan and his wife was also very active at the school. They donated a lot of money to TBDBITL, I believe.