Fox to Televise Big Ten Championship Game

By Jason Priestas on November 17, 2010 at 7:52p

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But hey, look at the bright side. If you're looking to score some blow, Chris Meyers should be somewhere in Indy next December.

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I just hope they show the whole game and don't come back from commercial in the middle of drives.  Guess ESPN blew their wad on the whole SEC on ESPN thing.

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I'd rather watch the dancing futuristic football robots fellate Bo Schembechler than listen to Thom Brennaman and Charles Davis. Hopefully they'll get Gus to do play-by-play and throw a fat stack of cash at Spielman to do analysis.

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thom brennaman can be difficult to listen to, but he's a big supporter of Ohio State so I have no problem with him...

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Gus and Spiels would be a dream team.  

As much as I hate the thought of it, I think Millen would be in the mix as well.  He works for ESPN and the NFL net right now, but obviously neither are exclusive deals like Herbie would have.

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WHAT? Millen doesn't have an exclusive contract?! WHAAAAA?!

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Perhaps the start of something HUGE. Could Fox look for a slice of the weekly college football pie and offer Big Ten a mega-deal when our ABC deal is done?

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This is the suckiest piece of Big Ten football news all year. Fox does a horrifically bad job of broadcasting college football.

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Who else are we going to get?  The NBC Notre Dame crew?  The Verne Lundquist/Gary Danielson SEC slobberfest on CBS?  Plus, ABC-ESPN is about as incestuous as it can be as it controls virtually everything about college football.

I loathe FOX, both for its worldview and for its deplorable coverage of sporting events, but BTN is part of it so I guess it makes perfect flippin' sense.

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Why wouldn't fox will get Eddie George to do this?  Doesn't he do stuff for them right now?

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And I'm only thinking of the half time when they have the two former Cowboy coaches and Eddie which was weird.....DERP!